Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: Sinkane


To say that Sinkane mastermind Ahmed Gallab is ready to bust out in 2008 is an understatement. As he maps out a year’s worth of tour dates for his debut album, Color Voice – out on Emergency Umbrella Records in May, including a vinyl run that will feature picture discs – you kind of get a calm before the storm feeling from him. But then again Ahmed is always pretty chill. The album finds Gallab confidently in-control of the genres he truly loves: Chicago jazz-rock, afro-beat, a bit of shimmering post-hardcore, all pulled together with a touch of modern drone. His live show features a full ensemble of locals to flesh out his sound and has been turning heads the past few months around Columbus, as it’s unlike anything else you will find in this city.

Sinkane are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Deathly Fighter, Grave Blankets, and This Moment in Black History. For more details, click here.

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