Kate Nash at Q SXSW Show, Official Parties Updated


If you head over to the official SXSW party page, you’ll see a bunch of updates including a Tuesday night show at Stubb’s sponsored by Paste Magazine, among others.

But the one that stuck out the most is the Q Magazine Party on Saturday:

Q Presents
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Driskill Hotel – Mezzanine (6th and Brazos)
The official Q magazine party in association with Guitar Hero, PRS and Xtaster. Top bands, top nosh, few drinks – ‘nuff said! Artists: The Pigeon Detectives, Kate Nash, Lightspeed Champion, These New Puritans, and DJ Akala. By invitation only….

I wonder if Kate Nash is having an official showcase? She’s not listed yet.

(PS: Is it lame to like Kate Nash? I guess I sort of missed out on the early hype and am just discovering her music).

  • Steven Driggs

    any word on how to get these invites?

  • DragonForce

    Is it lame to like what you like? It’s lame to worry about whether it’s okay to like something or not.

    Also curious how to score an invite. I’d like to see Kate Nash, even if it makes me lame.

  • adopt me!

    if it makes me 99 times lame and looked down upon by pitchfork, i want to be to see a kate nash show during sxsw.

  • adopt me!

    oops, seen not see…im already lame :(

  • jane

    Great the Lily Allen ripoff with no talent and a voice like a cat being killed has been included and is invited to one of the trendiest parties. Men start thinking with the OTHER head.
    Her voice makes me wince like no other – LAME, LAME , LAME.

  • Lame or not, it’s a party I want to see. Pidgeon Detectives and Lightspeed Champion, both there for my dancy party pleasure? Yes, please.

    As for Nash, I didn’t miss out on the early hype and I like her anyway. *shrug* I don’t believe in disliking something/one merely because they’re over-hyped or popular. Takes too much energy.

    Anyone who has invite info, speak up, please.

  • Alex

    @ Jane – one of the trendiest parties? That party will be truly, mind-bendingly awful. The only good thing about it is that it is guaranteed, black hole-like, to suck in the very worst types of industry spider, preventing them from going to the other shows and clogging up the drains and stuff. I’ve got an invite to it (through a mate, definitely not because I’m trendy), but I’ll be elsewhere.

    Granted, everyone there’ll go on about it being the coolest party ever, even though anyone with half a brain will have had a better time at any of the other parties those same artists will play, but you should ignore them.

    Seriously – has anyone here ever been to an industry-infested show which has genuinely been better than a slightly more half-arsed one full of real people? Really not sucking up, but as a good example, I reckon Donewaiting’s party will be ninety-seven times better, without even trying.

    As good as Lightspeed Champion is, free beer and an over-hyped name act does not a good day-show make.

    Oh, and Q magazine is written by, and for, your dad.

  • DCGrrrl

    Alex, since you won’t be there, why don’t you give me your invite? ;)

  • trouble

    Did any of you slackers even bother to contact Q magazine for an invite–hint hint.

  • Mary Emily

    I’ve got a question: These “invitation only” parties – who are these people that are getting invited? Or why do they even post it on the SXSW party page if the majority of the people looking at it can’t even get in??

  • Matt

    Mary – You have to remember that SXSW is set up as an Industry Event. So it is industry people who are getting invited based on their relationships within the music business and it is posted on the website because SXSW is catering to those people…not the common festival goer or music fan coming to see shows.

  • Matt

    One more thing, if you REALLY want to go to one of these your best bet is to just show up really early when they’re just starting. Sometimes the person working the door is cool or just trying to get some bodies in the venue so it doesn’t look empty.

    Whoever said go to the booth at the conference has never tried that, the person at the SPIN booth basically laughed at me when I asked last year.

  • Mary Emily

    Matt –
    Thanks for the tips. I guess the badge can only get you so far. And I’m sorry you got laughed at! I may try showing up early, thanks for telling me. :)

  • Jenn

    I heard the same thing as Matt about the SPIN day party, “go to the booth”, but someone told me they’ll only give a pass to certain people. So if you’ve got a company listing on your badge that doesn’t appeal to them, they’re not going to hand you one (and yeah, don’t bother asking).

    I agree with Alex. I’ve been to plenty “industry”-filled shows (not at SXSW) and the fun ones aren’t these exclusive ones… although I do quite enjoy reading Q mag. =P

  • DCGrrrl

    trouble – just who at Q should we ask? ;)

  • adopt me!

    wow, congrats to kate nash!! :)


  • txgirl

    So the bottom line…What is the best way to get an invite? Alex please do share any details/rsvp info you can offer

  • Kate Nash’s “people” told me that she would not be performing at SXSW. So either:
    a) they lied to me (bastards!)
    b) they were misinformed, or
    c) plans have changed.
    I simply can’t imagine that she would come all the way to Austin to play one day party and nothing else. And also, I know that the list posted at sxsw.com is incomplete because I know at least half a dozen bands who received a letter of acceptance from SXSW but are not listed on the lineup. I don’t know WHY that is; I just know that it is. So it’s most probably that Nash is playing SXSW but it just hasn’t been officially announced yet for whatever reason.

  • adopt me!

    come to austin to play one day party and nothing else..
    its happened.

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