Devin The Dude Still Likes Smoking Weed

Devin the Dude isn’t on Rap-A-Lot anymore. Which I thought it was impossible to leave Rap-A-Lot because the labels owner J-Prince is a real boss. But what do I know? Maybe Devin got Mr. Prince real High. Anyway, Mr. The Dude is about drop a new mixtape April 1st called, Smokin Session. I think I read Devin is playing Def Jux’s South By Southwest Showcase. You make your own rumors.

MP3: Devin the Dude:Makin It Hard

Smoke Sessions Tracklist:
1. Official Smoke Session Intro
2. If I Did a Mixtape
3. Getting High (Odd Squad feat. Devin the Dude, Jugg Mug, and Rob)
4. Searching
5. She Want Me to Get Closer feat. Drissola (Coughee Brothaz North)
6. Mixtape II
7. Take Me Home feat. Baby Girl (Shaun)
8. Makin’ It Hard feat. Monique & T.J.
9. Stangy
10. Todd’s Crazy Ass (Todd Fisher)
11. Da Real Thang (Odd Squad feat. Devin the Dude, Jugg Mugg, and Rob)
12. Not Them, Those (14K ? Wood and Quad)
13. Coughee Brothaz Freestyle (Devin the Dude, SK, Dudi Mac, Daraja, 1-3, Preach, Rob Quest, and Jugg Mugg)
14. Freestyle
15. Ain’t Nothin’ Like Old School Bitch feat. Jugg Mugg, K.B., & Warren Lee
16. Bitch Gotta Go! (Tony Mac)

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