SXSW: Aussie BBQ – lineup

Bands: Kate Bradley & Band, Yves Klein Blue, The Chevelles, The Vines, The Stems, Mink, Paul Kelly, Ash Grunwald, Whitley, The Panics, Something with Numbers, Old Man River
Date: Friday, March 14 (12pm – 7:30pm)
Location: Brush Square Park (across the street from the Convention Center)
RSVP: SXSW badgeholders welcome

This is our favorite party at SXSW. Every year we go into it with very little knowledge about the bands playing. And every year we come out of it with new favorite bands (examples: Airbourne, The Flairz, Ground Components, Gyroscope, etc., etc.). Our Australian friends usually bring with them a whole lot of Cooper’s Ale which is worth the visit to this party by itself!

Lineup and times are as follows:

12.15 – 12.40pm KATE BRADLEY & BAND
12.50 – 1.15pm YVES KLEIN BLUE
1.25 – 1.50pm THE CHEVELLES
2.00 – 2.25pm THE VINES
2.40 – 3.05pm THE STEMS
3.15 – 3.40pm MINK
3.50 – 4.15pm PAUL KELLY
4.25 – 4.50pm ASH GRUNWALD
5.00 – 5.25pm WHITLEY
5.35 – 6.00pm THE PANICS
6.40 – 6.50pm Stage & Screen trip winner announced
6.50 – 7.15pm OLD MAN RIVER

Make sure to bring a business card and drop it into the bucket for a chance to win a return flight to Australia.

And if you’re in Austin early, check out the Aussie pre-SXSW show at Emo’s Lounge on Tuesday, March 11 (doors at 7pm) featuring Chad Mason, Whitley, Dan Kelly, Chris Pickering, Kate Bradley, Ash Grunwald and more to be announced.

  • Mike

    This maybe a stupid question but do you need a SXSW badge/wristband to attend or can you just RSVP?

  • Dave

    I tried to RSVP last year and was ruthlessly DENIED due to not being a badgeholder. Wristbands were irrelevant.

  • Terry Renfrow


  • I organise the Aussie BBQ and no one is ruthlessly denied. But you do need a genuine reason to come along if you’re not a badge holder, rather to come along just to drink the free piss. Like you LOVE one of the acts or you want to sponsor us next year. We always lose thousands of dollars from our personal savings putting on this party and other shows in the UK and USA for Aussie bands. We’re music fans!!!

  • Troy

    Mary, do you have set times for the 3/11 Emo’s Lounge show?

  • Thank you

  • Ed Cohen

    I look forward to your event

  • downtown

    lived in melbourne for 2 years… will stop by if no badge required…