Joan Jett Supports Kimmel F*cking Affleck

Sometimes a press release comes across our desk that we just can’t help but print verbatim. Well, portions of it at least.

Joan Jett to Sing at Kimmel and Affleck’s Wedding?


Legendary Rocker Sings Unprintable Lyrics, Offers To Sing At Wedding

Perhaps you’ve heard the musical news that Jimmy Kimmel is “f*cking Ben Affleck.” He told the world on his post-Oscars show Sunday in a video available here.

Front and center (and first) in the “We Are the World”-style vocal session contained in the video is legendary rocker Joan Jett, who sings in a loud and proud solo that “you can’t stop this love affair,” then lets loose with a barrage of pelvic thrusts and bleeped lyrics. […]

The video was created in response to Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman’s similar assertion that she was “f*cking Matt Damon,” which as of Sunday had garnered more than 8 million YouTube views, and Jett was one of the first to agree to participate.

“I support all people’s rights to love whomever they choose,” said Jett, who will be releasing a greatest hits album and DVD this August. “If Jimmy and Ben can find lasting happiness together, I’d be glad to sing at their wedding. Good thing Ben’s from buying viagra in the uk Massachusetts.”

Now I love Joan Jett. I really do. Her last album was fantastic … but doesn’t this seem like she’s reaching a little? Oh well, at least she’s got a wicked sense of humor, huh?

  • billy

    The video is amazingly funny – especially since I’m not a huge Kimmel fan and Ben Affleck is a cheesedick. Huey Lewis was the star of the video.