SXSW Updates: Wristband Discussion, Reveille Magazine, Spin

Looks like everyone who applied for the SXSW wristband lottery actually got one. Details here. Did you get one? Let us know your experience in the comments.

Keep reading for details on the Reveille Magazine party and the Spin Magazine party.

Reveille Magazine & Eclectone Records SXSW Day Party
Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Molotove Lounge | 719 W. Sixth St | FREE, NO RSVP

Noon-12:30 Hojas Rojas
12:45-1:15 Romantica
1:30-2:00 The Alarmists
2:15-2:45 Big Ditch Road
3:00-3:30 Cloud Cult
3:45-4:15 Kid Dakota
4:30-5:00 Doomtree (feat. P.O.S.)

Details for the Spin Magazine party here. Vampire Weekend, X, The Raveonettes, the Whigs, Ben Jelen, Switches and some contest winner. Invitation only. Seems like this is the party people are always desperate to get into and then are let down.

  • ooooooooooooo

    no problem here.

    moved to austin 5 days ago and now i’ve moved back. ;) ;)

  • Iconoclast

    indeed, it was the quickest move ever…. i don’t think i even got to pay any rent…

  • jwill

    yup, no problem getting a wristband, though i live in austin. i wonder if folks will have a problem picking up an austin resident wristband with their out-of-state drivers license…

  • Am I the only person in the world who hasn’t bought into the Vampire Weekend hype. Unless they add new bands the SPIN party is pathetic (well in my opinion the only bands I like [whigs and Switches]I just saw in the past month).

  • jeff

    I wouldn’t be so chuffed over beating the system just yet. How do you plan on getting around the fact that you’ll need a Texas/Austin driver’s license or state ID to pick up yer wristband, not to mention one that’ll probably have to match the address to gave when you entered the drawing?


  • Jenn

    It doesn’t really apply to me, but can they really contest the address change if their credit card was already charged? (If it’s been charged?)

    Also, state IDs and driver’s license… does Texas keep ID owners up-to-date on address changes? I’ve had a driver’s license holding my old address for over 2 years now and I notified my state immediately after I moved and haven’t received a new one yet.

  • Jenn

    Oh yeah, I’m not digging Vampire Weekend’s music/hype either. Kudos to those enjoying the wave of it, though.

  • jwill

    here’s a go-around: use your passport…

  • @Jenn – I think Texas law states that you’re supposed to go to TXDoT and change your license to reflect your new address within 6 weeks of moving. I’ve gotten pinged for it before.

  • the_birds

    Ha ha!

    This is truly ironic/funny. The SXSW organizers had SUCH a hard on to get locals their wristbands only to discover that locals didn’t want them! I bet a large number of those locals will resell their wristbands too, no matter what the organizers do to stop them. You can’t stop the black market.

    But more importantly, there are a lot of us that traditionally drove from Houston or Dallas, making the tremendous effort to go to this most important of festivals that now don’t have wristband access. I only live 2 hours by car away from Austin have been to 7 of these festivals and I care about more than most Austinites who take the festival for granted. Some should have some right to buy a wristband, especially when heroic efforts are made to get them. And/or really don’t know enough about music to realize what they are missing.

    I bought a badge this year, so the argument is academic. But now since Austinites’ indifference has been proven to the organizers, they should let the free market determine what happens to the balance of wristbands. That or give the rest of Texans the opportunity to buy them. Essay contest?

  • alimogator

    I got mine! Well, at least the confirmation. Super excited! I am an Austin resident. I think it says that you need a texas government issued i.d. to pick up your wristband. Us locals won’t be able to resell our wristbands because (as stated in the sxsw confirmation email) they will connect the wristband to your wrist when you pick it up. I’m sure that sxsw will be putting more on sale for the non-locals. Good luck to all! See you at the festival.

  • Lawrence

    the_birds is being a giant turd about the whole process. The “lottery” was a wonderful success in curbing the rampant scalping, and allowed actual Austinites to buy wristbands without having to face the nightmare line at Waterloo Records. This was the first year for this process, so I guarantee many locals weren’t aware of it yet or how smooth the process would actually be. Next year more locals will buy bands for themselves…and if not (because they know the secret is just attending every free show possible around the festival itself), then the remaining wristbands will STILL go into the pot for the general sale the week of the festival. Don’t be a spoilsport.

  • last year somebody tried to steal my wristband on a thursday. it ripped at the connector. i went to walmart and got some super glue. fixed it up with no problem. it holds fine since it is plastic

    the point? ?

    nobody scanning the wristbands ever grab or pull at it like… “hmm… wait… we better check all of them to make sure they have not been cut and glued or tampered with.”

    if anybody wants to resell theirs… contact me.

  • the_birds

    I’m a huge turd, Lawrence.

    And my friends are turds too, because we predicted this exact result. Really think about it…

    Austinites have great shows all year. They have ACL, which doesn’t require the work of SXSW. Humans like the paths of least resistance. Austinites that are the biggest music fans also the least able to afford the festival. Those same Austinites know about all the freebies, so even if they do buy the wristbands, they sell them. The Austinites with the most ability to afford them are too busy burping kids in Georgetown. Or doing geeky exploits like designing the next hit video game.

    Its not brain surgery, its common sense! SXSW is just as important to Austinites as the orgainzers want it to be.

    If it makes me a turd to speak the truth, so be it.

  • Mary Emily

    My thoughts exactly.

  • not to break up the good wristband discussion here…

    but from a few emails we’ve gotten so far, I just wanted to clarify that the Reveille day party is definitely free and open to the public, no RSVP needed.

    hope to see you all there, if i do say so myself, we’ve got a pretty eclectic lineup of the Twin Cities finest!

  • Steve

    Doesn’t say ANYTHING about a TEXAS issued license: This is straight from the SxSW site:

    will need to present a drivers license or valid government-issued photo ID to claim his or her SXSW wristband.

  • Malone

    I figure that they used the credit card billing address to determine if you were local or not.

    It is possible they could bill everybody first and issue refunds later for people with out of area billing addresses. You don’t have the wristband till it is on your hand, it is easy for SXSW to give refunds to cards. Happens all the time when concerts cancel, etc…

    They may not, but if your card had an out of town address, I would not get over confident.

    “All entries must use a credit card with a local billing address. The name on the card must be the recipient of one of the wristband.”

  • Dave

    Speaking as a local who got one without having to skip work to wait in long lines…this distribution method worked great.

    For those of you who beat the system, congrats…but hopefully they close that loophole next year.

  • fontboy

    Has anyone heard if they will be releasing a second wave of wristbands for anyone outside of Austin? I live in San Antonio and have made SXSW for the last 12 or so years and would hate to see going this year w/o.

  • Steve

    Why close the loophole? The out of towner’s money is just as green as the locals. If they sell wristband to the locals purely as a curtesy, they are missing the point of the thousands of people who come in and spend money and contribute more to the economy than than they take from it. It’s all about the $.

  • jwill


    “The good news: everyone who entered the SXSW wristband lottery, which closed today at 9 a.m., got one. SXSW director Roland Swenson estimated that 3,500 of the 4,000 allotment were sold. The other 500 will go into the pool of wristbands which will go on sale a couple days before the music fest starts March 12. The price then will be $180 each, up from the advance price of $139.”

  • fontboy

    thanks jwill. I just wish they would go on sale a bit sooner since I have vacation time planned and a hotel paid for already. I guess the day parties are looking better all the time.

  • alimogator

    Just got a text saying they will sell 600 more wristbands at tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 28th) from 12pm to 7pm for the “local” price of $139 a pop. First come first serve. I already got mine in the first wave. Good luck!

  • alimogator

    Not sure if it requires the Austin billing address. Seems it might.

  • bonghitwillie

    i want a show that is open to the public but badges and wristbands are banned.

  • fontboy

    @alimogator: Yeah, it still needs the Austin billing address. But somehow I managed to get mine today and live down the road in SA. hmmm… technology is a great thing.

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