MP3: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, “Rappaport’s Testament (I Never Gave Up)”


MP3: Rappaport’s Testament (I Never Gave Up) by Ted Leo (Chumbawamba Cover)

Living in Ohio since late 2001, it’s been interesting to see the political process. Once again the Buckeye State is in the center of a major decision (this time just for the democrats). With all the primary discussion going on in town (and trust me, there’s a ton, including on our message board), I figured it would be a good time to post a Ted Leo song.

This is actually a Chumbawamba cover. I’ve tried to find the original version, legally or otherwise, but I’m coming up empty. Any help is definitely appreciated. I actually need to get to know Chumbawamba a little better. I know their earlier releases were pretty politically charged, and Leo’s cover adds a great energy to the song.

See you at the voting booth next week, Ohio.

  • does anyone know where that pic was taken? looks like los angeles.

  • Robert Duffy

    if U click on the image you’ll get the info you desire.

  • tom

    Chumbawumba had a track on an early Crass records comp. Crass!

  • Aaron

    Think I have the CD this was on (“Slap?”) somewhere. If I track it down, I’ll find a way to get you the original. BTW if I remember correctly this was the album that marked their move away from Crass-style agitpunk towards, well, disco.

  • Ohh! Thats real! I very like that music! Thanks very much..