SXSW Open Discussion

With just a week away, now’s the time SXSW Scheduling Paralysis starts sinking in… where I start to fear SXSW………. SO MUCH MUSIC…. WILL I MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS??????????????

Sigh… I’ll get over this by tomorrow.

In the meantime, use the comments to post comments, questions, announcements, good links, anything else you want.

  • Barb

    I noticed that Frontgate has tickets to the Roky Erickson Ice Cream Social at Threadgills available now…has anyone heard who all will be playing?

  • I love how they’ve scheduled all the bands I want to see on Friday at 8PM… and then there’s nothing until 1AM.

    Any word on official shows for Kate Nash or The National? My Saturday @ Stubb’s theory has been proven wrong.

  • Does anyone have set-times for any of these dayshows?


    Planetary @ Maggie Mae’s (6th & Trinity)

    * time? Longwave
    * time? South
    * time? Starsailor
    * time? Look See Proof
    * time? The Dykeenies
    * time? Plushgun

    British Music BBQ @ North Tent (Brush Square Park) [Noon – 3pm]

    * time? The Rascals

    Under The Radar Mag @ Flamingo Cantina (515 E. 6th St.) [Noon-6pm]

    * time? Shout Out Louds
    * time? Rogue Wave
    * time? The Helio Sequence

    Free Yr Radio @ Corner of 7th and Red River [event starts at 11am]

    * time? Jim Noir

    The Onion Saddle Creek Arts & Crafts @ Emo’s (603 Red River)

    * time? Shout Out Louds
    * time? The Stills
    * time? Los Campesinos

    FRIDAY MARCH 14th:

    Showcasing Scotland @ Latitude 30 (512 San Jacinto)

    * time? The Dykeenies
    * time? Our Lunar Activities

    Free Yr Radio @ Corner of 7th and Red River [event starts at 11am]

    * time? The Duke Spirit
    * time? She and Him


    Liverpool Sound City @ Latitude 30 (512 San Jacinto)

    * time? The Rascals

    Dew Process @ Flamingo Cantina (515 E. 6th St.) [1pm – 5pm]

    * time? The Panics
    * time? Whitley

    Free Yr Radio @ Corner of 7th and Red River [event starts at 11am]

    * time? The Raveonettes
    * time? Lightspeed Champion

  • I believe has the Free Yr Radio set times.

  • Brian

    info about kexp broadcasts:

    KEXP returns, for our 3rd year, to the KLRU Studios, home of the legendary Austin City Limits television program. KEXP DJs Cheryl Waters, Kevin Cole and Kid Hops will be broadcasting live from Austin and spinning music between live bands.

    Friday Performances (Austin time)

    * 11:30am Devotchka
    * 1:30pm The Breeders
    * 3:30pm Handsome Furs
    * 5:30pm Does It Offend You, Yeah?
    * 7:30pm Holy Fuck

    Saturday Performances (Austin time)

    * 11:00am Positive Vibrations w/ Kid Hops
    * 2:00pm These New Puritans
    * 4:00pm Tapes ‘N’ Tapes
    * 6:00pm The Raveonettes
    * 8:00pm Blitzen Trapper

    The entire broadcast, including the live performances, is FREE and open to the public. First come, first served. You are welcome to stop by any time. No sign up is required.

  • Adam

    Anyone know if the under the radar/team clermont day party requires a wristband? I think it did last year…

  • has added Nyles Lannon (FILM SCHOOL lead singer) and The Explorers Club to the Wed. 12th Beso Cantina day/night party. RSVP for that show by clicking HERE or via email to with BESO RSVP as the subject title.

    TucsonScene is proud to announce our 2nd showcase party on Saturday, Mar. 15th at Sonny’s Vintage on 29th and Guadalupe, just off the UT campus at 2928 Guadalupe St, next door to Antone’s Records and Continental Liquor. This show will be from 11am-7pm and is ALL-AGES.

    Featured acts include: Tally Hall, Colourmusic, Via Audio, What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, Golden Boots, Mostly Bears, The Deludes, The Holy Rolling Empire, The Swim and …music video?.

    RSVP to this show by clicking HERE or via email at with SONNYS RSVP as the subject title.

  • clint

    anyone find out when the national is going to play?

  • Brian

    it’s an official party, so it probably does.

  • marnie

    sxsw music blog, if anyone’s interested…

  • Lauren

    Is “shout out out out” playing any Free day shows this year? I just see them for a night show at the Beauty bar. I want FREE!

  • Oz

    I hear you on being overwhelmed. I finally have my day schedule finalized, but evenings are up in the air. Anyone know of any night shows that don’t require wristbands or badges?

  • James

    I wanna see a late night official show at SXSW at the Hideout…anyone have any luck getting into a show there w/o a wristband or badge?

  • Ryan

    Hey Barb,
    On Roky’s Ice Cream Social will at least have:
    Thurston Moore and (???the New Wave Bandits???)

  • Barb

    Cool…that alone may make it worth the $20.

  • JR

    @James – The Hideout is a fairly off the radar venue, even as far as official ones go, so you probably won’t have much trouble getting in without a badge/wristband. Even if you’re stuck outside, the stage is set up next to the front windows, which may even be open if the weather’s nice. Solid gold!

  • Livia has a lot of the band times you’re asking about.

  • Chris

    anyone have a Vice Party schedule? what up with releasing so late this year but jeebus we’re a week out

  • Joe K.

    Does anyone know if New West records will have a day party this year and where?

  • TRW

    The NW party is Thursday at Club de Ville. Its Old 97’s, the Drams, Tim Easton, Randall Bramlet and one other band that I am spacing. It is invite only if I remember right.

  • sneaky

    What about the Fader party? Vice saves texas? Nylon party? Spin party?

  • Trixie

    Spin Party is up on Showlist Austin. So is the Fader but bands TBA. no word on Vice yet aside from its Friday at the Longbranch with only a couple bands announced.

  • Chris

    Moby is playing Stubbs on Tuesday

  • i got my laminates for new west.
    thurs mar 13 @ club deville 1pm-5pm

  • chikin

    I’ve heard from others in the past that it’s usually no problem to get into a showcase without a badge or wristband if you’re willing to get there an hour or so before the showcase starts. The badges go in first, then wristbands, and if there’s room left, so I’m told, they allow others in.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m interested in seeing a show at Pangaea, but I’m badge- and wristbandless.

    Thanks y’all!

  • gibbyhaynes

    you can by your way into all night venues. get there 1 hr before dorrs. have cash ready. you go in before badges and wrists sometimes.

  • gibbyhaynes

    who’s playing fader at the fort shows?

  • joeygar

    not exactly true about getting in with cash.I was at the doors to see clap your hands say yeah 2 years ago and this club(don’t remember)and they told me wristband and badge only.i was so fuckin’ pissed that i told myself if you can’t beat em join em.i now am one of the badge owners!!sucks but i come a long way to miss out on shit.

  • Chris

    yeah depends on the show, Stax 50th Revuew last year was badges only because they reached capacity when doors opened with all badges so depends on demand

  • kirker

    Couple of comments:

    –Info on the Vice day shows and parties is at Given the debacle at last year’s closing-night afterparty — remember roof deck rail collapsing at that old Elks Lodge they had to rent at the last second when their E. Austin venue got shut down the night before by APD? — they’re probably keeping details about this year’s close to the vest until right up to the event.

    –You can get into most shows w/cash if you arrive early enough (I’d say an hour minimum, 2-3 hours if you’re trying to get in to see a buzz band like Vampire Weekend), but forget about it for, say, R.E.M. The biggest artists who’ve played in recent years (Beastie Boys, Prince, Flaming Lips) have been badge-only, and even then they had to turn away many badgeholders (particularly for Prince, which for stupid reasons unknown was held at tiny-ass Buffalo Billiards).

    –Caveat to my previous statement: the Austin Music Hall just reopened after what amounts to a complete demolition and rebuild, and it can now fit up to 3,000. Your odds of getting into anything there are excellent.

  • Novice

    @ Kirker – Vice may very well update with this year’s information, but as of today, the info on there is from 2007.

  • Dan

    That info at is last year’s, at least as of the time of this comment. I have heard nothing yet on this year, other than a couple of bands that have it listed, with no full lineup, on their myspace page.

    You can monitor this site –
    for the Fader lineup, which hasn’t been announced quite yet.

    I still have an inbox of 40-50 messages I am trying to get through, and more come in as the minutes go by.

    Todd P just posted a shit ton of stuff.

  • Try now — it looks updated for 2008. Motorhead?!

  • the_birds

    If you roll with me, you will be at all the ‘right’ shows. Jus’ sayin’

  • Thursday lunch at Joe’s?

    Hey come check this out! Ft. Worth’s most festive Proud Warrior will be entertaining the 1 PM crowd at Joe’s Bar and Grill. It’s in the West 6th area. 506 West Ave. Head down 6th past Congress and Guadalupe, then hang a quick left on West Street. Won’t disappoint.

  • Joe K.

    Does anyone know if the Purevolume Day shows will have those tasty Vodka and Izze drinks like last year?

  • Tom Highwire

    10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

    Free food for the bands provided by Chipotle and others. The food will arrive at 12PM on Friday, so please come by and enjoy.


    10:30 AM – Run Run Run (Los Angeles, CA)
    11:15 AM – Jets Under Fire (Austin, TX)
    12:00 PM – The Soldier Thread (Austin, TX)
    12:45 PM – The Mercers (Austin, TX)
    01:30 PM – Johnny Goudie & The Little Champions (Austin, TX)
    02:15 PM – Dremnt The End (Austin, TX)
    03:00 PM – Mothers Anthem (Austin, TX)
    03:45 PM – Sounds Under Radio (Austin, TX)
    04:30 PM – Alpha Rev (Austin, TX)

    WHO CAN COME: Badges, wristbands, and regular folks too. Please have everyone RSVP.

    RSVP’s: Please RSVP through our partner for priority admission.


  • Ghosty is looking to do an acoustic set at any dayparty or showcase. If you have room for ’em, email me at

    Ghosty has a new record out on OxBlood Records titled Answers, produced by Trent Bell (Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints). Check their goods at

    Robert Moore
    OxBlood Records