Van Halen … back on?

A little birdie told us this morning that the Van Halen tour (was it ever actually “officially” canceled?) is back on.

But they’re still not playing SXSW. And neither is Led Zeppelin. Or Radiohead.

  • Isn’t SXSW supposed to a venue for unsigned and breakout musicians? Not exactly sure how Van Halen, Led Zepplin or Radiohead would fit into those categories. Of course once some major bands started crashing the party a few years back, people get expectations.

  • Stephen

    Actually, it’s a fallacy that SXSW was ever intended to be “just for unsigned musicians.” Louis Black clarified this point in his article in the Chronicle earlier this year.

  • Robert Duffy

    i think the sxsw bit was a joke

  • Thank you Mr. Duffy.