SXSW Day 0 Part 1

Got into Austin without a problem. Leaving a melting Columbus OH (20 inches of snow this weekend) to warmer weather is always fun, especially since I am personally waging a War Against Snow.. (although I do miss my lady and my dog)

Getting my badge took no time at all, SXSW has a mini-army to easily guide you to where you need to be. I found my way to the press lounge, where there’s free drinks! And lots of power outlets and computers to get your work done.. (and surprisingly, a lot of trash…)

I don’t have much planned for today, saving energies for the next few days. (as I type this, a dude dressed up sorta looking like Judge Dredd came into the press room. Am I at Comic Con?)

These last two days I’ve been getting hundred of last minute SXSW party notices. Either people didn’t get to me earlier or they’re just getting their act together now. My word of advice – plan a little better next year. At this point I am in E-mail genocide mode, deleting without mercy.

more later.

  • chris

    i too am mystified about the late announcements on day parties, its hard to keep up while travelling. i dont know if people are worried about being shut down or just got to capacity too early last year but it seems to me with as much shit going on, capacity at least day parties aside from a few wont be a huge problem. and even if it is theres tons of options. i have tons of 2nd and 3rd options at most slots. i think tonights pre-show lineup is pretty weak so i think its not a bad idea to save your stamina.

  • Re: Judge Dredd –

  • Jenn

    Any word on what’s up at Maggie Mae’s tonight from 11pm – 2am? I got one of those SXSW postcard “invites” in the mail.

  • Kiesha

    aussie wants to know why you don’t miss him too

  • Ever figure out what the pre-SXSW kickoff at Stubb’s is?