SXSW Day 0 Part 2: Moby, GBV Hooting, Naked Raygun

I use the Tuesday before the music festival to reintroduce myself to Austin. I didn’t go last year so I had two years of changes to figure out. So I walked around a bit to see what’s up.

Went to my first SXSW panel of the year, “A Conversation With Moby.” He was really candid about his feelings towards politics, music, his life, and enjoying lots of sex.

He described his new album, out on April 1, as a condensed version of a 8 hour night out in New York City. The music starts slow, speeds up, gets dark, and then ends peacefully. I’ve not heard any of it – I want to like it, cuz I think Moby is a genuine dude.

The most interesting thing he talked about was, a website where independent and no budget filmmakers can get a lot of Moby’s music for free and use it in their films. If those films end up turning a profit, the money that would typically go to Moby would instead be donated to the Humane Society. More details here.

We didn’t really have many solid plans for last night as far as music goes. We went to Club Deville to see bands do Guided By Voices covers at their Hoot Night. A lot of the bands didn’t give their names, and the quality of the covers ranged from really good to quesitonable. The band that did “Glad Girls” I thought was the best of the night. Anyone know who they were? Post in the comments.

After that we went to a very very very very packed Red 7 to see Naked Raygun. We stayd for a few songs, but were too exhausted from the day’s travels to keep it going.

One final reminder – the Wednesday day show is today, suckas! Free PBR while it lasts, and we just added Columbus Ohio’s Envelope as the host of the event. Full details of the show here.

  • Tom

    I didn’t catch the name of the band that sang ‘Glad Girls’ either and agree that they were probably the most polished of the night. Amy Cook also had a nice acoustic set to start the night off.

  • Kevin

    I believe that the band in question was Masonic, I asked the sound man although he did not seem too sure himself.

  • Yolie

    Yep, that was Masonic.

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  • Anne
  • Phil

    I thought Maggie Walters version of Hot Freaks was stellar, esp if you imagine singing the song without singing the words “Hot Freaks”, which was supplied in raucous fashion by the typical GbV v. inebriated crowd(myself included). And surely the astounding debut of Cockerfinger will go down in history as something something mumble mumble. . .

  • tomv

    amy cooks was good too

  • tomv

    yes!! i agree i also thoght maggie walters version of hot freaks was awesome and masonic glad girls was awesome