SXSW: How’s my drinking?

Instead of doing something superfluous like reviews of all the bands I’ve seen in Austin this week, I’m going to try to get to the heart of SXSW. So without further ado, here’s the tally of my SXSW thus far.

Free beers-9 (including 6 tallboys); Bought beers- 3

Midway through Wednesday, I’m at 3.5 (one spilled) free beers and 1 bought. But the night hasn’t even begun so I’ll be posting the grand total tomorrow. I’m going to try to keep the ratioo of free to bought beers at 3 to 1.

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  • bavox1

    thats some fine softball spring training there slaybaugh

  • my vomit count so far….2

    best swag so far….jimi hendrix cd and accompanying book.

    cds on thursday obtained….at least 20

    awesomeness….jealous girlfriends, kilroy, dead confederate.