Official SXSW Spew: Day Two


Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

A more detailed report of what’s going on in this picture can be found on World of Wumme.

  • Things really ARE bigger in Texas.

  • jason

    probably talking smack for leaving the band a year ago. sack’o’woes for jaded lovers.

  • From MTV’s John Norris’s SXSW blog:

    Keeping it Midwest, why, here are Psychedelic Horsesh–. Every now and then, you just want to talk to a band that calls it as they see it, and PH deliver. Standing in the middle of Sixth Street, shoulder-to-shoulder with drunken fools at 11 p.m., PH opined on how this year’s SXSW compares to last year’s (answer: They haven’t taken any illegal substances with Thurston Moore this year, something they say is necessary to appreciate “the vast majority” of bands at the festival) and spoke about the message behind their song “New Wave Hippies” and the line (“It’s about Yeasayer. Bands like that.”). Whoa.