SXSW: How’s my drinking? The Final Chapter

By the week’s end, my alcohol consumption was beginning to catch up with me. The day started out well enough with another freebie, but a PBR-sponsored show at the French Legation Museum ended up meaning only dollar beers. While that wasn’t entirely bad news, the beer line there soon grew too long to bother. And after scorching in the sun for a few hours, there was no choice but to seek refuge in the hotel instead of continuing the quest. When I did venture out again, as was generally the case the rest of the week, once the sun set so too did the free beer dry up.

Free beers: 1; Bought beers: 6 (2 of which were only $1)

Final total
Free beers: 16.5; Bought beers: 29

If I learned anything this week, it was that if you put music before beer at SXSW, you will most likely be buying most of your alcohol. I also learned that, judging by the response to this blog, that there are not as many people googling “free beer” as I thought.

  • drew

    best blog ever.

  • E

    Wow, I only ever paid for a single drink during my entire five days there. I guess I was on the right guest lists.