SXSW Saturday: The End of the Road

Duffy photo by Lorne Thomson

The last day started with a great breakfast at Progress Coffee with some friends. If I would have discovered this place earlier, I probably would have went every morning. So good, Austin, so good.

As mentioned on the Wumme, we started Saturday off at The Fader Fort with Dri, not D.R.I. as we thought it was gonna be. Oopst. Rookie mistake! Ah well. They were okay I guess but not memorable.

It was time to see Lykke Li. It was my first time seeing them, but for some it was their fifth time in 3 days. And I could understand why – her music and stage presence is infectious. I’m thinking that her career is going to get a big boost thanks to SXSW.

Left Fader for Filter where I caught the second half of Devotchka’s set. It seems every time I go to SXSW I never can see their entire performance. Ah well, what I saw was great as always. Up next was Grand Archives, a band that I didn’t know anything about but totally blew me away. They sort of reminded me a Wilco meets Beulah combination, and I hope to see them live again soon. I need to start looking into their recorded output…

After Grand Archives it was time for Seawolf, another band I really like, but I was starting to get a little loopy. It was time to head to the hotel and relax a little before the evening shows.

The evening began with my UK cousin Duffy at Stubb’s. I had been listening to her album for awhile now and was hoping that she would be able to pull it off live. And.. she did! I know people are going to want to peg her as the new Amy Winehouse, but I think there’s a lot more going on than just that.

It was time to go to the Barsuk showcase. Caught Jim Noir’s excellent set. I’d previously not paid much attention to Jim but I need to change that. Then it was time for Nada Surf, but unfortunately the sound at the rooftop of Maggie Mae’s was so terrible (not the band’s fault) that I left early.

My entire SXSW journey ended with Matt and Kim (mp3). Like I’ve siad when I’ve written about them in the past, it’s hard not to smile during the band’s entire set. A perfect way to end another great year at SXSW. Thanks, Austin, see you soon.

  • Dave

    If I see one more photo or blog fawning over Duffy, I’m gonna have to punch someone. Either that or break down and find out what all the hype is about, because I’m starting to get curious.

  • Adopt Me!

    Duffy was awesome!
    im glad i caught her set at stubbs on saturday