The Underworld Concert Club (Columbus)

Apparently the people booking shows at The Underworld Concert Club (4625 Maize Rd.) want to keep their club a secret. Searching as I might, I have yet to find any web presence for the club and only by dumb luck have I discovered a few upcoming shows. For those familiar with the Northland Mall area, this club is apparently very close to the corner of Maize and Morse, in the old Tony’s Bar and Grill spot.

Since they aren’t advertising these shows, I thought I might as well give them some publicity.

April 3 – Joey Belladonna (ex-Anthrax singer)
May 2 – Broken Teeth (ex-Dangerous Toys singer)
May 9 – Every Mother’s Nightmare (early ’90s Southern hard-rock band)

  • Ford

    Don’t be afraid Tony’s is an okay place minus the food.

  • LK

    Hmmm, I haven’t heard a peep about this either. I guess they are sticking true to their bar name…or they just don’t feel the need to turn a profit.

  • According to Joey Belladonna’s website, his show has been moved to the Alrosa.

  • Roseann

    Is that concert, on May 9th, going to be held at Tony’s. It seems too small for concerts from the outside. I speak only on the outside view b/c I’ve never had a change to attend a concert yet. I hope to soon though.

  • I think the May 9 show is now June 5 according to EMN’s MySpace page.

    But, since both Joey Belladonna and Broken Teeth canceled their shows, I’m not holding out much hope.

  • I think this club has moved to the old Don Pablos on 161. Im not sure if its open yet but I really want to do a show there… That place could be set up real good for concerts!

  • Joe

    I saw that Sponge and Seven Mary Three are playing there on consecutive weeks, but again, little to no advertisement. It’s listed on pollstar, so it has to be true, right?

  • Neighbor

    yeah, i am wondering about both these shows as well..

  • I’ve been wondering what that place was, I drive past it a lot and I heard a DJ at Gothcoming mentioning it. Do they just do concerts, or do they have regualar club nights too?

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