Video Killed the Blogging Star

This week: Pitchfork launched, a website featuring exclusive, high quality videos from your favorite Pitchfork bands including Radiohead, Man Man, Jay Reatard, and more.

This week: Stereogum launched Videogum, a new blog writing about film, TV, and other related pop culture obsessions.

Last month: We took this video of our dog.

  • Masterpiece!

  • nice dog.

    just make a video section where people can post there music and music related youTube videos.

    Throw a ranking system in just for fun.

  • Video Killed The Blogging Star – This is classic! When I read about Videogum I was trying to articulate how I felt about it. This is great. Videogum – waste of acquisition capital for an idea that’s a little too late? Maybe they’re counting on all that built in Stereogum traffic to help pay the bills, but its gotta deliver the experience to match whatever it is that keeps users coming back to Stereogum. I think its time for a Dogs That Play vlog. More people own dogs than buy records in the world. Huge potential!

  • Robert Duffy

    heh, well i dunno, i havent developed an opinion of videogum yet. i am still a stereogum lover so we’ll see how it shakes out