Basic Sociological Awareness PT 1: Twiztid Juggalos

This past month I have watched DJ Detox+ friends rock so many packed rooms. Sweatin, Get Right, The Catalyst’s release party, So What Wednesdays, The Milk Bar and even Twiztid at the Newport all got handled.

I am gonna hit you with a series of blogs with pictures and playlists from a gaybar, a downtown nightclub, a boutique, a shitgaze(jokes) haven turned Stretch + Bobbie 89.9 for a night and a sold-out Juggalo event to let you know Home Mortgage scandals don’t need to be the norm

Lets start with the Sold-out Newport.
Might as well set it off with proof that if God doesn’t love ugly, someone else will and make 25 dollars at ticket.

Photos By Danielle Kline

Me, Detox, Dirtnap and Cashola pre-show.

Detox soundchecking a polka record.

Background on the show:Pos 2 rocked the NERD show with Fly Union’s J-Swifa’s help. A connect at Newport was impressed at their performance. So dood at the Newport asked Pos to do the Twiztid show. Pos hit up Detox like, “you up for a challenge.” In some weird Batman signal, and a sense of honor, Pos and Detox decided they needed to do this show, and do it correctly.

Seriously, it was on some deejay samurai code/Doctor’s Oathe. Like, how do you fuck ICP’s bitch correctly. So all week omnimix pm’s were sent to working class graff writers that like ICP. Lot’s of discussion of what makes an ICP hit.

Lost of discovery of 3-6 Mafia, and plenty of Detroit’s underground doing collabs with ICP.

BUt back to life, Back to reality.

Show is sold out. Juggalo’s been out since 10 am, eagerly waiting to see their idols. Doors open, they need to greated with some entertainment.

Their entertainment? DJ Pos 2 hosting. DJ Detox on the tables. Me, Cashola, Dirtnap and Dkline lurking in the back ground. Detox is mad nervous. Keeps expressing the fact that he doesn’t want someone to hit him in the head with a bottle of Faygo. My point is:even if they hit you with Faygo, think about it. These are Juggalo’s.

Again, I am not the entertainment. I am a blogger. So its easy for me to say, “hey, b-ez.”

Dey Know:

1200 rabid Juggalos, who have nothing to live for but this moment. Sold-out room. They got Przm’s best friend, and one of my best friends as entertainment. This is like Diplo,Low-Bee, Mick Boogie Tony Touch, Doo-Wop, Stretch Armstrong,and Primo trying to hold it down at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

The plan was this. Doors open. Juggalo’s run to the front until they are stopped by a barrier. Pos hosts, and Detox drops “Dre Day” to the hungry Twiztid massives. Then Pos greats them. And then our heroes hit them with a joke.

Basically, our heroes drop “Dre Day”, Pos addresses the crowd. Asks where his Columbus Juggalo’s are. Claims we are about to hear some real juggalo shit. Then they dropped a polka record, much to the sha-grin to the trillest of the ICP movement.

Pos looks at the crowd like he is with them in their disdain for polka music, and is like “I wanna here that real Hatchetman shit”.

Srsly. Why Detox hit them with Polka?

Detox then drops the following set:

insane clown posse “chicken huntin”
blaze ya dead homie “i go to work
psychopathic rydas “dumpin”
cypress hill “i wanna get high”
blaze ya dead homie “in case you forgot”
dark lotus “juggalo family”
twiztid “bury them all” ft. tech 9ne
three 6 mafia “just anotha crazy click” ft. icp & twiztid
insane clown posse “thug pit” ft. bone thugs-n-harmony, tech 9ne, esham & kottonmouth kings

Crowd goes crazy.

“Juggalo Family” is especially a hit with the crowd. Who can lose with a hook like, “Mass murder makes me happy. Dead Bodies make me happy. What can I say? I am on of the Juggalo family.”

We all stunt on stage. Detox and Pos just won the Kentucky Derby. Cashola pops bottles.

Now, the gameplan also had this idea:Who the fuck gives a shit more about turntablism than Juggalo’s? So Pos and Detox invited Bombay to drop some turntable wizardry.

What we didn’t account for is that the rule of selection being 90 percent of being a dejay holding true on Bombay. Bombay had a dope routine that had him cutting super technical over RJD2.

Juggalo’s don’t care about Bombay or RJ for that matter.They care about DJ Clay.

DJ Clay is the man when it comes to Juggalo Dejaying. He plays nothing but Psychopathic artists. He has their whole world down. He rocked it later. DJ Clay got ICP mixtape joints, rocking over shit like M.O.P’s “Ante Up”. Clay has screwed and chopped songs asking “If you is a real juggalo put your hands up. Clay is Green Lantern, Mike Watts, Q-bert and Nick Catchdubs all mixed into one for the ICP world.

That left Bombay assed out. The crowd was already suspect if they were seeing their own. Watching Bombay made them realize they have been hoodwinked. At least Detox gave them their hits.

The crowd chanted for DJ Clay. This is no fault of Bombay. He just did’nt play any Psychopathic Record’s releases. So the crowd wasn’t feeling it.

All, and all it was a fun evening. I got approached by ICP girl that had been made fun of by PBJ asking my stance on the Hatchet. I said, “Not for me. But they gave you a voice right?”

We drank for free. Detox and Pos learned they could hold it down in ICP land.

  • Andyman sure does love the Juggalo lifestyle

  • Gonzo

    Let me get my ebonics to English hand book out and re-read this. Or my 12 year old nephew can tell me what it’s about.

    Wow, Columbus is absolutely dead for music.

  • tonka

    i am not sure what i love better, the article or the crusty old dude who cant read the article above me

  • Gonzo

    oh, I can read it. It’s just a bunch of douchebaggery is all. So,in light of that, you’re sure to enjoy the article more than my post.

  • tonka

    oh god you keep giving me old person gold!! dont stop!! reply to this too!!!!

  • Gonz

    Yo, I’m just stuntin’ on your article, noggle!

    I’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that you think you one-upped the dumb fucks in ICP or that you think you’re black.

    How’s that for old person gold?
    fuckin’ douchebag.

  • tonka

    dum dum i didnt write the article!!!!! just someone who reads the posts and the comments and likes to heckle old people who try to be relevant

  • I’m Wes!

    And I like heckling little white suburban kids who are all gangsta and shit. Why don’t you give up the hip-hop and take up an I-Hop. You’ll have much more success there.

  • Robert Duffy

    yeah doug wes will respond as himself he wont pretend to be someone else, so your beef is with the wrong person.

  • Tom

    Nice job Wes.

  • Gonzo

    Thanks Robert. I don’t have a beef with anyone. It seems someone else has a beef with me because I thought Wes’ article was completely retarded and it stirred up resentment from little white kids.

  • wes flexner

    i can say that no one feels like they one-upped icp fans.
    everyone was kinda stoked that they could actually research and figure out how to make the juggalos happy.

    you gon see webbie friday gonzo?

  • Gonzo

    “and even Twiztid at the Newport all got handled”

    I believe the term to get “handled” is equal to what the other white kids refer to as “one-upped”

    So since I’m sure everyone over 14 years old is a bit confused here, which is dumber…actual Juggalos or the kids researching Juggalos?

  • wes flexner means dood rocked a crowd full-up people in a specific niche market that he had no prior
    there is no-way in hell anyone could “one-up”
    a Pyschopathic records artist.

    making fun of juggalos is easy
    entertaining them is an accomplishment.

    when you put it in the context of the other events detox, pos, tru skills, cashola, and gaybay spun at then you would see why it was looked at as change of pace that was respected.

    even if it was funny.

  • Gonzo

    kids researching Juggalos.

    Thanks for answering my question

  • i wouldn’t even dream of trying to go entertain a crowd like that. big big big ups to detox for “handling” his own.

  • mike carney

    white people liking hip-hop is so offensive to me… i mean, that is like saying that non-white people could enjoy and or make rock and roll… crazyness… and writing without spell check is really offensive to me, why would you do a drawing and not clean it up in photoshop? or record on a tape machine when you can record with protools… kids these days…

  • Gonzo

    This has nothing to do with white people liking hip-hop. I like hip-hop, I’ve produced hip-hop. Try to follow the deep conversation that’s going on here.

    This has to do with a poorly written article that makes the writer and his subject matter look like a joke.

  • Robert Duffy

    yeah i think it’s a great look at these djs thinking it’s sort of a silly situation but if you read it you see how they took it seriously. dunno why this has really got you so bothered gonz

  • Gonzo

    I’m certainly not bothered by it, everyone else is bothered by my initial joke about it.

    I think it’s great you think it’s great journalism and you take it seriously. That’s your opinion.

    And my opinion is that it is hilarious.

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the comment function was just for waxing.

  • Tom

    Your initial “joke” didn’t really seem like a joke dude. It seemed more like a personal attack. Also, I don’t understand what Wes’ article has to do with the statement “Columbus is absolutely dead for music.”. Hello non-sequitur.

  • artful l.a. dodger

    you will never survive in our atmosphere

  • ramirez

    I love Juggalos! The big, strong, conservative dudes that I work with are scared to death of them. And they don’t get the humor of a song titled “I stab people”.
    Speaking of Dood Wes, do you remember the sampler disc that ICP was giving away at game and music stores back in like 98-99 that that narrarated between song clips??? talking about how they going to sing like Eddie Vedder and shit??? That was absolutley classic. I’d pay for a copy of that!

  • ramirez

    The sampler was for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers record.

  • Gonzo

    My initial joke is extremely funny, especially after you read the dumb article. The statement “Columbus is dead for music” is what we call sarcasm. I can think of plenty of other “Columbus” music stories that are more worth-while, that aren’t covered. But somehow a story opening for Twizted is “news” worthy. If I was from an other town and I read this site and saw an article written like that about some buddies opening for Twizted at the Newport, I’d think “What a bunch of fucking goofball hillbillies,” which is exactly how that article makes Columbus look.

    Read closely. What’s hilarious is that I’m bustin’ on a writer who is also a “music critic” and when someone critiques his writing, everyone shits their pants over it. If he can’t take a little criticism maybe he shouldn’t be writing for public consumption.

    THE END.

  • ramirez

    Gonzo: To be fair to Wes I’ve not seen him shit his pants over criticizm of his writing. The fanboys that follow him around and do it are a whole nother story.
    Also you did come out of the blocks a little “crusty”. early morning blues? You seem a little negative when it’s not that Shatters being talked about. Trust me man, we all wish we had a friend blooging us up and also writing for a local Freeper but hell…

    Tonka: Every time you say “old…” you come off like a dude that is one beer away from 45 and living it like his 20’s. the generation behind you is calling you old right as we speak. It will all set in with time. Will you disipate into the breeze at midnight of your 30th?

    Carney: Why record on tape when you can just acid etch some grooves in a rock? be real man, record it how it should sound not how it should look. K?

    Me: Get off that fuckin’ computer and get some excercise!

  • Gonzo

    point taken Ramirez…and yeah, perhaps I’ve been a bit punchy lately. Not sure what’s up with that.
    I just thought the article set Columbus’ image back, not moved it forward, that’s all.

    Thanks for clearing the air a bit. I’ll settle down now.

  • wes flexner

    shoes the same color as spongebob homeboy.

    gonzo you are in a group called “help is on the way?” correct?
    where can i hear your rap record?

  • ramirez

    “SPONGEBOB HOMEBOY” would be a fantastic program or graphic novel. Make it happen!

  • only thing i want to say is this did not set anything back in the scene. it’s not a new low if that’s what you are referring to, that’s the only possible thing i could get out of it.

    me and detox gave the juggalo fans what we knew they wanted to hear and not be assholes about it because it’s not what we get into. basically doing the shit out of respect to them and the promoter and not just showing up to do some half-ass shit and get paid. It’s not our style. We both put time into this show, detox more then me I guarantee.

    THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO IT THEN THAT. 2 guys that were asked to make a crowd happy and ready for 30mins. I feel we did a decent job and could not have done it without a few friends and their opinions. some may not agree, but the hundreds of people that were singing with the songs sounds like a winner to me.

    anybody that’s offended, sorry. Not sure what to tell you. I could have been fake about the shit and paint my face and whoot whoot to the crowd and mock the hell out of your scene laughing about it the whole time but that’s not us.


  • Gonzo

    I understand Pos. Also understand my gripe is not with you, that would be impossible as I haven’t heard you. It was with the writer, his writing ability and the placement of the story. I’m sure you’ll agree that this show is not the highlight of your career…but it certainly came off as a highlight in the writer’s career.

    But I guess this article has done something – it’s brought a lot of attention to you and to the fact you opened for Twizted. You can thank me later for that…hahaha.

  • wesflexner

    gonzo just lost real hard on that one.
    how have you never heard of pos2?

  • Gonzo

    Wes, you read about as well as you write.
    I’ve heard OF him, but never HEARD him.

    I suggest you take up another occupation besides “Hanger-on.”

  • Anthony Rasic

    except for the fact that your note didnt say that you heard of him, so how is he going to read your mind???

    this argument is corny

  • Gonzo

    This is corny. Just because I’ve heard OF someone doesn’t mean I’ve heard them – I mentioned I haven’t heard him to drive home the fact that this isn’t about the performer, it’s about the crap writing. What’s that have to do with the price of tea in China?

  • wes flexner

    do you have a musical project called help is on the way?

  • ramirez

    Wes: This “state your name” crap is old. take the high road and just let it go.

  • wes flexner

    so detox was right, he does have a band called help is on the way.

    heard it was worse than icp.

  • Gonzo

    Hahaha…I’ll “one-up” you and say we’re worse than your writing. Now, did you actually “hear” us or hear “of” us?

    Is this what you mean by getting “handled”

    It’s nice to see a critic who can take some criticism.

  • wesflexner

    well..looks like we have both spent way too much time on this.

    i have to write some more shit you will prolly hate.

    good day kind sir.

  • djpos2

    “But I guess this article has done something – it’s brought a lot of attention to you and to the fact you opened for Twizted. You can thank me later for that…hahaha.” – Gonzo.

    you know what’s funny is I didn’t want Wes to write anything about this show and I even made a call to him about how I felt about this show.

    I knew from the jump he was wanting to write about it, i mean hell he had a photographer there for it but I still was not all gong-hoe about it.

    Me trying to get attention for opening up for Twiztid is not what im looking for because it’s not the lane im driving in. That has about as much impact as me saying I opened up for Billy Ray Cyrus, it’s just not my avenue.

    Anybody could have wrote a a review for this show, that’s what writers do. So that’s how I looked at it. I can’t stop Wes, there’s a million other writers out there so what’s the point of stopping what he does when a million others have the same access?

    plus, when wes usually puts up an article hiphop related on this site, he usually spreads the word on other sites that columbus people long onto for people to check. I have not seen that at all with this article so that shows right there nobody is trying to get pub for this.

    i aint mad you gonzo, im just trying to let you know the facts so you are not getting ish twiztid.


  • djpos2

    one last thing and im finished with this. i done stressed out enough over this show, don’t need to start it back up again…

    this whole write up was about how dj’s have been doing alot of different/sucessfull shows of late and were approached to spin for something that was very far left for them and still went for it. it took alot of convincing but we stil did it. that’s what this article is all about but the twiztid show was put into detail.

    when wes explained to me about how he was going to write the article, i was cool with it because it wasn’t just a write up on some look “dj pos2 and detox open up for twiztid!” it’s like hey, these dudes are doing this and that and even doing something as different as this. by the way, detox is doing way more then me, i just happend to be included in the article!

    im done. thanks wes for the write up. it made me laugh and i think you did a good job with your approach. anybody else can’t see it that way, so be it.


  • tanya

    i dont know what a gonzo is, i just know that i liked this article and thought it was an interesting look behind the scenes.

    keep doing what you are doing pos!!

  • Gonzo

    No problem Pos. And I actually like your stuff (I checked out your myspace). And this is done. Good music, crappy writing, that’s all.

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  • snarkus maximus

    Good times. Nice re-cap. Twas fun to spectate with yous all day, and then at the bar later. Cheers.

  • bv

    Juggalos are a million times more interesting than your boring ass help is on the way band.


  • eNPH

    gonzo, you deserve a swift kufi slapping.

    he was giving props to two DJs who played a crowd they don’t and won’t ever fuck with…

    you’re so brainy and sharp but completely missed that one, right?





    over here being a blog critic and shit…”cant take criticism”

    with your ole “i have no platform or friends to tell” looking ass

    i hope your bitch ass sees this, too.

    worse than ICP