Hey! I’m DJing at Magnolia Thunderpussy During Record Store Day

….but a lot more professional people will be DJing there, too. Seriously I am the most amateur person performing at Magnolia‘s on Saturday for Record Store Day, but that only means it gets better.

Also DJing (click here for set times):

Matt Miner + Matt Bailey of Teeth Of Hydra
Matt Whitehurst from Pyschedelic Horseshit
DJ True Skills
Robert Duffy
Will From Brainbow
Johnny Cashola
Wes Flexner
Martin from Weedstealer
Ashley Brookes
Danielle Kline
Gay Aleks

Personally I am bringing a bunch of free stuff from people like Beggars, Dangerbird, Barsuk, Filter Magazine and others. But I think there’s gonna be a toooon of stuff.

Magnolia Thunderpussy’s Wes Flexner says:

We managed to emotionally extort large labels and artists to a level that I have no idea of everything we have. There are 15 unopened boxes for record store day sitting in front of me from places like Matador, Sony, Universal, Nonesuch, Warner Bros. and all their subsidaries.

Rhymesayers bought our customers candy. Victory Records made a comic book. I don’t know all what we have. But I know we have a lot of it. And much of it is vinyl shaped. We open at 10 and close at 9.

So come on down, 1155 N High St. in Columbus Ohio. For all you people who stopped buying music and only steal it on the internet, all of this free music being given away will make you feel right at home.

  • kranky

    You need a DJ handle. stat.

  • wes flexner

    suggested names

    dj Jawn Slandersnice
    dj rob bloggy blog
    dj get head leo
    dj donewaiting is a money laundering front

  • Andrew Patton

    Definitely DJ Jawn Slandersnice.

  • http://martinthings.com,hipcopsmagazine.com m.

    hey, why cant i comment on that stupid thing about sword? just what we need more classic rock bands touring in columbus.


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