The Mars Volta Postpones Columbus Show Again

The Mars Volta were in town tonight to play a make-up show from when it was postponed back in January. A commenter posted that they postponed again today, 5 minutes before the doors were to open. OOOOOOOF!

From Newport’s website:

This show has been postponed (again) due to illness with the band. We sincerely apologize. Refunds are available at point of purchase. All previously purchased tickets will be honored for this show.

  • dlynch

    what a bag of assholes.

  • So frustrating.

    I’m having trouble seeing past two cancellations. I feel this has really hurt the band’s relationship with their fans.

  • matt

    it must be nice to sport afro’s and not care about peoples feelings

  • tom

    i dont like them anymore

  • Jeff

    they are the biggest liar assholes ever…illness…

  • Mark

    fucking ridiculous… 9 hours in a car, 2 hours in line…drunk as fuck…driving home….fuck them! Amazing band, but fuck them!Does anyone know if we can get our gas money anywhere, or if we can do a god damn thing about it.

  • larrymusic

    By sick, I think they meant dopesick.

  • Alex

    K, im pretty sure they didnt do it on purpose, i understand that you all worked hard to get to the venue, but, mars volta tours the world, and im sure at some point they are gonna get sick, its a shitty coincidence, but honestly, dont call them assholes thats pointless. It isnt gonna change the fact that it was postponed, a real fan wouldn’t call them assholes.

  • Alex

    If you were sick would you want to perform infront of thousands of people? they postponed it and when they play it will be good, instead of playing while they are ill, and playing like shit, woudl you rather not have another chance, or see a shitty show. if you would rather them play for you while sick, then you are the assholes

  • Alex

    i would be upset too, but i couldnt call them assholes, thats not fair

  • matt

    hey alex did you wait in line twice for that show.

  • Alex

    Hey matt, no, i didnt. but i have waited in line for shitty performances, maybe you would have seen one if they played that night, they postponed it for a reason, im not calling you wrong for being mad at the whole thing, but by everyone calling them assholes, doesnt change the fact, like maybe they thought they were gonna give a half asked performance, and didnt want you to waste your money, they didnt cancel did they? no, so when you actually do see them, keep in mind the stupid things you said about them, and maybe then you’ll realize you were actually the asshole.

  • matt

    hey alex you are right I am an asshole. but after the show being canceled once i would have been happy to see them play fucking fall out boy covers
    or do magic tricks all night. Alex I just wanted inside the Newport for Christ Sake.. And you know what I was sick as fuck today but I still went to work, I didnt give my best performance, but the people here where glad I made it. You might understand one day alex if you can break away from
    hanging out at fucking Hot Topic.

  • Alex

    uhh wow too bad i have been to one hot topic in my life and they were playing de-loused( i was in florida) you fuck, and too bad you arent working infront of thousands of people, all ove rthe world, maybe your just to pathetic and need to be an asshole to satisfy yourself the world isnt always perfect, and i guess you are learning that the hard way, when life gives you shit, shove it down your throat cause you deserve it. and if they play again dont go, cause a faggot like yourself doesnt deserve to experience mars volta or any good concerts or music, cause music shouldnt involve assholes like yourself. thats when a band like n’sync comes around. im done with this, dont reply, you have better things to waste your time on, like, attending to a vagina. cause im sure there is a lack of attendance there. Peace you dick hole… eat a bag of dicks. …mars volta doing fall out boy covers…. your fucked bud, you actually have no reason to call them a shitty band. which you have, go ahead, call in sick, your work isnt the mars volta , but nice try

  • Alex

    yea i appologize for saying some shit, but i stand by my point still. i know its shitty for you, but if you are sick at work, no one would call you an asshole, i hope.

  • Ethan

    does anyone know if they are coming back to columbus? It doesn’t look good. And yeah man that shit sucks but I still can’t make myself hate. Music is too good man.

  • Alex

    they have done more good for us then bad

  • Isaac

    Mars Volta scared as hell of Columbus

    must be somebody here who wants to steal their lunch money

  • Isaac

    p.s. why does the dude with the afo want to be louis logic? or wait. why does louis logic want to be the guy from mars volta with the afro?

    answer me THAT

  • matt

    hey alex I was mad at first but now i have calmed down I love the volta to much to be upset forever. I hope we can go back to being blog buddies…

  • Sally

    Those few minutes after we were told there wasn’t going to be a show again, everyone probably said a few harsh words, including me, but then I heard a cop reply “Maybe now you’ll learn your lesson- stop supporting the band” That pissed me off to no end. After that, I understood why I couldn’t stay bitter towards the band.

    I was really bummed when they said it was postponed again, but I will be all the more excited when I finally do see them. I reeeeaaaaaalllllly hope they come back soon. They will, they have integrity.

  • Steve

    Integrity my ass. They have yet to address this and I’d like to know whether to get my refund or not before the May 9th cutoff date. If they did respect their fans they would at least have the consideration to inform us of their intentions to reschedule or not.

    And to anyone who was wondering, they couldn’t have been that sick, as they were having beer delivered to the bus in front of fans and played by all accounts a FANTASTIC show two nights later.

  • Alex

    Yo Matt, yea w/e, understandable, i said some harsh shit too, sorry

  • Mark

    This is to stick up for Matt just a tad, I drove 2 times, got wasted, and drove drunk two times…wasted 350$ in gas. They are douche-bags, that has nothing to do with their music. I won’t feel shitty at all for calling them every name in the book, that doesn’t make their music suck. I have seen the volta 2 times, each time Cedrics voice sounded fucked…I called this out, We read up on forums about the other Newport show, and we compiled that they really are scared that it will turn out like when they toured with Red Hot Chili Peppers and played in Schottenstein Center. That show was absolutely horrible…the only thing you could hear that you weren’t imagining was the intro to viserca eyes….
    I’m not bitching at anyone, I am just bitching for myself to feel a little bit better, I feel bad for everyone that had to go through this shit. For those who have gone through this shit twice and went through what I did.. lets stay strong, hopefully they will change the venue…or something. We need to all have an uprising, any plans?

    I am pretty confused… may 9th cut off date? Is there even a slight possibility that they won’t reschedule? Does anyone know anything?

  • matt

    Hey Mark the Mars Volta Web page says that it was Canceled and to refund your tickets,I take that as
    they are not planing on coming back, I have refunded mine already and I know of about 15 people who have done the same, If a bunch of people have refunded them it would not be worth it
    for them to come back, I have now moved on to the stage of acceptance.

  • mark

    You’ve got to be kidding me, right…? I have anticipated this show since December 17, 2007. When I just comprehended that…I lost a little respect for that band, and it won’t come back until they do. Thanks man

  • mark

    am I just retarded, or is there really not a god damn thing we can do…this is just fucked up!
    I don’t give a shit how “fatigued” those fucking wetbacks are. There is always an excuse for everything.

  • here’s some updates. Head over to the comatorium.

  • Brian Asbury

    Sorry didn’t post any body to the last comment

    *check this. The latest posts after phone calls with promowest productions about the show being rescheduled*

  • kelly