Schedule for Record Store Day at Magnolia Thunderpussy

As mentioned the other day, I’ll be DJing @ Magnolia Thunderpussy in Columbus OH today as part of Record Store Day. Lots of great free stuff, great DJs, fun fun fun.

Martin Weedsteeler-10-11:30
Ashley Brooks 12:15-1:00
Affectionate Aleks -1-1:30
Robert Duffy-2:15-300
Danielle Kline-3:00-4:00
DJ True Skills-4:00-500 pm
Matt Whitehurst 5pm-545pm
Will Brainbow-5:45-6:30pm
Matt Bailey-630-700pm
Matt Miner-700-730pm
Johnny Cashola+Wes Flexner-8:00-9:00pm

Me using Jawn Slandervice as a DJ name is not out of the question.

  • m.

    i had fun playing records i hadn’t listened to in a few years.