Bizzy Bone Gallery Hop Instore Saturday @ Magnolia Thunderpussy

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Thuggish Ruggish Bizzy Bone will be doing an instore at my work, Magnolia Thunderpussy Records, Saturday May 3rd, during Gallery Hop from 6-8 pm.

The below video is the title track from Bizzy Bone’s New album A Song for You featuring DMX and Chris Notez.

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So get up, wake up on the 3rd of the Month and head to Magnolia. We are located at 1155 N. High Street, Columbus,Ohio, 43201. The instore is free.

  • sam craighead


  • irongoat81

    i just think it’s funny someone took their moniker from my dog’s chew treats.

  • Heaven Sent

    I am a true Beleiver in the lord Jesus Christ first and for most. Mr Bizzy Bone, much respect to you.I must agree Mr Bizzy” KNOW BODY CAN STOP YOU NOW” You truly are a wounderful and Bless Child Of God! I thank you for not giving up! ‘nothing matters but God’continue to put him first and he will continue to guide you!You are truly and inspiration, to those you lest expect! know you are always in my prayers as God has are back”, I too Believe that!

  • Heaven Sent

    Can some one tell me where Bizzy next performance will be? and if he will be in Southern Ca, any time soon? Please give me some feed back if any one knows any thing thanks!