M.I.A. in Columbus?

Well. I was at a Wedding in Cincy all weekend. Bro’s before the Year’s Most Crucial Show.. So I missed out. From the text messages and phone calls I received I have gathered this much:

1. Although Soulja Boy is a household name because of “Crank Dat’, he was the opener. And people didn’t really give a shit either way that he performed.

2. MIA’s show was so live that at least 3 members of IGLU and 1 PBJ member got kicked out, and snuck back in at least 4 times for crowd surfing, underage drinking and god knows what else. From everything I gathered MIA was demanding security to let people dance with her on stage. I guess greater 270 turned the Newport into a huge dance riot similar to Get Right.

I am sure this is most photographed for myspace/facebook event in Columbus History. I got these photos from the homie Steve Lieb’s Blog, We Got More Bounce in Columbus.

3. Changed my mind about MIA not being attractive.

4. I also think there should be a remix of “Paper Planes” where I make various weapons noises with my mouth to replace the gunshots. Like the first part would have me making punch sounds maybe I would say “arugam” from Street Fighter first. Then the second part I would make machine gun noises. Eventually I would lead up to making bomb explosion noises.

What? Like I said I missed the show.

  • Mista Mista

    How about an article about the “most crucial show” instead of a personal essay about wes flexner? This goes for all your posts.

  • annie

    it was sick wes, you shoulda been there.

  • http://thegrip.wordpress.com Steve

    Haha, good shit Wes!

  • artful l.a. dodger

    hey mista, did you go to the show? i’m not sure if wes went to the show, but i read his personal essay, and it fucking says he motherfucking didn’t fucking go to the fucking motherfucking show that he wrote about in an essay from his personal point of view.

  • Matt

    “How about an article about the “most crucial show” instead of a personal essay about wes flexner? This goes for all your posts.”

    Hey, he said that the show was live! what else do you need to know?

  • http://www.2sizeshirts.biz sam craighead

    you know steve’s blog is tight because the first link is 2sizeshirts.biz

  • wes flexner

    So Mista Mista I was also thinking about making laser noises in my remix of “Paper Planes”

    Check Y or N

  • http://thegrip.wordpress.com steve


  • http://iruletoo@yahoo.com karrit

    “3. Changed my mind about MIA not being attractive.”

    cuz she has a spandexed ass and a see thru shirt…

  • Tom

    “Changed my mind about MIA not being attractive.”


  • artful l.a. dodger

    ^^dat dood started myspace

  • wuss

    wes writes like an illiterate dyslexic.

  • wes flexner

    don’t know if i should respond with a book report or erotic fan-fiction.


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