Flight of the Conchords, “Ladies of the World”

Flight of the Conchords are coming to Columbus on Frday, and this new video is definitely getting me excited for the show.. Anyone know if there’s an opening act?

  • i heard from a friend in NY that it’s just the two of them accoustic. no band.

  • markomarko

    there is an opener – and yes they are just the two of them, no band

  • i wasn’t sure about that.. doing an accoustic thing. i watched some of them on youtube and i still thought it was pretty good. more of a ‘stand-up’ type thing than a concert, but pretty funny which really is the point i guess.

  • gpat

    I’ve read some reviews of other shows on the tour and they have said there is an opening comedian that does about 15-20 minutes of stand up and then the Conchords come out almost immediately after.

  • brusiert

    yep it is an early show – dont be late!

  • The opener is their friend/non-friend from the coffee shop on the show. He’s hilarious, too. I’m usually not impressed by stand-up comedians, but this guy was wildly funny.

  • nerfherder6

    Cool Milan thanks.

    Does anyone know what seat numbers are close to the center aisles on the floor?