Tom Waits Columbus Show Sold Out Under a Minute?

That’s what people in our message board are thinking. With only 2,800 tickets available, and on a weekend date, it seems likely that the show was drawing lots of people from the region, not just Columbus.

  • markomarko

    Yeah – I know a few Yorkers that were going to fly in for it, but almost everyone I talked to got shut out.

    The show definitely sold out in about 30 seconds. If you refreshed at all, you got NOTHING.

  • eddiedingle

    Yep. I was luck enough to get 2…but around 10+ of my friends failed to pull them in. Officially, it says it sold out by 10:03. But my friends say they were cut off before 30 seconds in…

  • billyboy

    yeah anything after 30 seconds… no dice

  • crazytown

    I logged in right at 10 – got nothing, so this show was s/o in under a minute for sure.

    This was total LUCK of the draw, tons of my friends were also shut out.

    This sucks so hard right now. At least I saved 200 bones.

  • brusiert

    This who know how this works…

    it may say sold out at 10:03 but that really means 10:01 in real ticketmaster time.

    Waits sold out the Ohio in less than a minute.

  • jen

    Definitely less than a minute. And you can probably draw a big fat circle north of Columbus and assume that any Tom Waits fans inside that circle were trying for tickets. Considering the population density… must have been a lot. I was lucky enough to get tickets (pretty amazing seats as well) but sadly none of my friends will be with me…

  • brusiert

    draw a huge circle

    one that stretches to Boston in the east and Chicago to the west.

    Toronto to the north and Lexington to the south.

  • Angry Sam

    Yup, I’m headed up and over from D.C. This is what happens when he tours with this kind of frequency.

  • key

    got tickets at 10:19 on a shit internet connection for the columbus show, but like many of you I am the only one of my friends that got a ticket, my girl is pissed at me for not getting her one but understands that if it was only possible to get one than good for me. I have tried for years to get tics, and not from stubhub or scalpers, and have had no luck. So I will be back in my home town seeing the show, pals of mine and good people are having a get together in the “BUS” so let me know if any would like to come, if not i’ll see you at the show
    wishing the best

  • tootles

    sounds like you need to set your clock – it was about 18 minutes slow.

  • nonereally

    Phoenix sold out in under 6 minutes, 2 nights.

  • you lost a lifetime experience! I have been waiting and trying for ten years!

  • phillybarguy

    My buddy and I are driving in from Philly… where can we have a memorable time? We have waited a long time to be a part of this!

  • phillybarguy

    anyone gathering before or after?

  • Robert Duffy

    A lot of people will be here before the event:

    Free outdoor festival, walking distance to the venue.

  • Jaydee

    I had three other guys at work trying to get me tickets. One got denied….I drove down from Buffalo NY. What a show. Columbus has a great downtown.