Skateboarders Vs. Fixed Gear Bikers

Columbus Power-Violence revivalists, Weedsteeler, once again became the most vocal proponent in the “Punks Should Ride Skateboards Not Bikes” movement with the above declaration. While I applaud the sense of design, culture, history and spelling–fact is gas prices are at 4 nearly dollars a gallon –So I am not sure if Weedsteeler will win this arguement.

But regardless these stickers are funny and available at Embassy Boardshop.

In related Columbus Skateboard hate-mongering; Iglu has a new myspace. The skategang put a bunch of video clips in their blog, like this one:

YouTube Preview Image


  • $4? what ever people should also support public transportation. columbus isn’t france, and its not china, what do you think vespas are cool too? its not hard to get your hands on a buck id.

  • artful l.a. dodger

    i can skitch myself on my skateboard with my fixed gear

  • max

    that bike has a derailer and brakes

  • plong

    yeah, that’s totally dumb. fixed gear = one gear…

    plus, wes, you know I’d have something to say about this!

  • Wes Flexner

    I can that Martin skateboarded from downtown to the Too-Short show. So he is using a skateboard as transportation.

    So it isn’t an ecological arguement.

    PLong…You road a BMX that jumped over tennis nets while you chewed tobacco and listened to King Diamond. So I don’t think anyone could have a problem with that

  • what the fuck is a derariler anyways? NERD!

  • Jaz

    Hater-Lover as long you play it cool…, awesome…

  • mneutron

    umm…i hope you all know this is a joke right? the fixed gear kids and skaters are friends….

  • argument

    Skateboards and Fixed (or 1-speed) Geared bicycles both have amazing ideologies behind them. I equate both to punk, differently.

    As skateboards became a trendy fad in the late 70’s and early 80’s, skateboarders must not hate. We have seen this ignorant cycle before.

    We are at a time when bicycles in general are ideal for transportation. Try riding a skateboard to work, uphill, in Seattle. Try using public transportation in Southern California, when it could take a person 20 minutes to get to work on a bicycle instead of 1 hour on a scheduled bus that costs money. Why wait or have the public transportation system dictate when you can or can’t leave for work? Try riding a skateboard 10 miles to work everyday. Everyday. Think about it. Bicycle = Freedom = Autonomy = Punk.

    A hating skateboarder’s argument on this issue is based on fashion and aesthetics only. “It’s not cool”. Remember when it was cool when skateboarding wasn’t cool?

    Jocks only argue about this kind of stuff. …and yes, jocks have infiltrated the hardcore and punk scenes and killed it years ago. How did jocks infiltrate the skateboard scene anyways? Maybe when it was fashionably cool to listen to Wu-Tang and pose with Nike Air Force ones in the 90s. Skateboards were about the nerds and outsiders anyways.

    Also, bicycles are more inclusive. I see more women riding bicycles than skateboards. Really, i’d rather cool it down with some girls than grab ass with a bunch of poser jocks who try to kick-flip off a curb before they even learned how to ollie. For real.

    Skateboarders have to accept that on a larger scale skateboards are nothing more than sport and entertainment, these days. The golden years of culture are dead.

    Are skateboarders this ridiculous? Whatever happened to listening to Black Flag and the Screamers, and doing a bunch of drugs and bombing Hollywood and not giving a fuck if your friend also rode a BMX, wasted? Like I said before, this argument is for jocks, rapists and womanizers. …and haters.

  • dude typed 8 paragraphs!

  • weswes

    wouldn’t a rapist be a lousy womanizer therefore not really a womanizer?

  • whatever

    if your really punk you probably dont have money for a fixed gear and ride an old soggy hand me down board so you cant pop tricks anyway. either way your fucked.