Artist and Musician Live/Work Space Survey for Columbus (and free booze)

Musicians, pay attention:

Artist live/work space IS coming to Columbus! This is your last chance to take the ArtSpace survey (deadline for responses is Thursday May 22nd!!!)

Please stop by Bodega (3rd & High St, in the Short North) between 5 & 7pm Wednesday May 21 and take the 5 minute survey while you enjoy a beer on us!

You can also take it online at

We need your help (art friendly companies, creative businesses, artists, art organizations, etc)

The results of this survey will determine the building location and design for Columbus’s first ArtSpace live/work studios.

  • so basically this will be another condo project for columbus………except this one will be branded for artists and not yuppies………great. i looked at the photos they provided in the survey, how are thoose any different than my current living situation and studio situation?
    i really dont get this, at all……….as far as i know its never been hard to get practice space or studio space in columbus. what is the point of this?


    (diabolical haterz)

  • Booze free? Yeah, most artists and musicians I know are booze free …