Bombing In Iraq

While looking around the internet for responses to the tragic death of Camu Tao. I came across this on the War 42 site:

It’s armed soldiers getting up in Iraq. Thats your Tax dollars at work. While I am against the war, I do support our troops.

What’s even weirder is that the soldier shouted out Texas PBJ/IOK/BK member, Bryer who painted on this years’ Daymon Day Wall, as well as the Industry Standard Wall.  Click for more photos’ of US soldiers painting graffiti in Iraq. 

WAR 42 is a DVD series that showcases graffiti intertwined with clips of really disturbing behavior like home footage of naked strippers smoking meth out of broken lightbulbs.




  • sergei
  • i dont understand what your talknig about.

  • the soldier is Shef BK from H-Town. I seen picture of his older stuff around like this one with Bryer.

    Love the War review haha. thats just documenting our every day life… Graffiti, Girls, Guns Gangs, Drugs, Money, Mischief and so on… WAR 4 – BOMBING & BITCHES – COMING SOON

  • wesflexner

    Thanks for the Bryer links. Thats my dood.

    War 4…That is awesome/terrifying.
    War 3 had a scene with someone getting ducked taped and tortured.

  • artful l.a. dodger

    can we have lookouts with m-16z in the US? cos it seems kinda lame, now, just sitting there while y’r holmes is getting up, looking for cops, if you can’t shoot at ’em.

  • BS

    what bs

  • fsd

    fucking gay ad that toy graffiti
    fucking americans lol