Gucci Mane & Rick Ross In Columbus Tomorrow

A lot of people are riding pretty hard for “The Boss'”, Rick Ross decision to not wear a shirt.

I still am partial to a shirtless Gucci Mane. While Ross gets points for being super fat and having cool looking tatts, I feel like some sort of stylist gets paid 250 dollars an hour to make sure his stomach is angled correct and the right oils are applied.

You think Gucci Mane would let some South Beach stylist apply weird lotions to bring out the texture in his beergut? Fuck no! That would take time away from doing drugs and dancing as seen in the clip below.

YouTube Preview Image

When you got a Bart Simpson chain do you need a metrosexual belly?

Friday, May 30th
Big Boss Tour featuring Rick Ross & Gucci Mane
The Lifestyle Community Pavillion (Downtown Columbus)
405 Neil Avenue
Tickets going fast and are still available at all Ticketmaster, Money Mikes, Big Daddy’s Clothing Store, Step N Style and Talib’s Clothing

After Party at Club Karma.

Plus we all know the real “Boss” is Bruce Springsteen

  • ive been bump’n guccimane since his first album.
    i just got my hands on the mr.perfect mixtape like two nights ago…..its sooooo sick. oj da juice mane is all over it….i really feeln him as well.
    on thsi mix tape gucci refers to himself as wilt chamberlin the album.

  • I agree. I prefer a shirtless Gucci. He’s been shirtless in videos for as long as i can remember.

  • jill ebenezer

    Rick Ross live is the worst. Go see him

  • Tom

    You gotta admit that Rick Ross’s Rick Ross chain is dope. A fat dude with a big round head with a chain with a fat dude’s big round head.

    I’m a Rick Ross apologist.

  • wesflexner

    Hustlin is a great song.
    But someone prolly picked out Rick Ross chain for him.
    Shirtless Rick Ross looks cool.
    People been talking about it for a couple weeks.

    But Gucci copped Bart Simpson on his own, hence his statement, “i got stupid money so i got a stupid chain”.
    Plus Gucci is a known murder, and was consulted by the son of Malachi York.

    I mean for a man that likes to take xtc and walk around with his shirt off, he has been throught alot.

    • BAM

      Wow, you are quite the ignoramus…LOVE the spelling and (terrible) grammar though!

  • yeah…guc aka wilt chamberlin also has an opie chain (the dog from garfield)…….rick ross is much more of a corprate rapper, while gucci mane was on that diy tip for like two full lengths and a hand full of mixtapes….i realate much more to him than ricky.

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  • lulu

    LOL @ angling of the stomach!
    I agree if you’re fat and shirtless you gotta just let it all hang out – no manicuring.

  • Brollz

    gucci is real ross is a bitch easy as that. gucci was locked up ross usta be the man to lock them up.

  • TheMan

    Hahaha, you losers love this shit, this ignorant nigga takes his shirt off and makes a record and you fuckin losers love it, laughin my fuckin ass off. Actual quotes from this fucked up page and from you fucking losers…

    “I prefer a shirtless Gucci” hahahha

    “shirtless rick ross looks cool” lmao

    “gucci is real ross is a bitch easy as that. gucci was locked up”…. hahahaha you fucking morons. Going to jail for a black person is like graduating college for every other race, so pathetic.

  • Sexy Rick Ross Fan

    Seriously, Rick Ross’ beer belly is very very sexy, and he shouldn’t be allowed to wear a shirt