Sweatin Turns 1 Tonight

If the Gucci vs. Rick Ross shirtless post wasn’t gay enough for you…Sweatin Dance Party turns 1 tonight at East Village Cafe in the Short. A year-ago tonight some gay doods, Scotty Cockblock, Myles , Jarrod and Brett, decided that shit was lightweight boring round here. So they started throwing dance parties in gay bars that all people, regardless of what they like to hump are welcome.

Its fun because the dejays whether its, Dinosaur,Dave Espionage, Detox, Scotty, or DJ Carol play your current Bmore, French Techno, Bloghouse, Disco, and electro favorites. Tons of girls show up because gays doods are in the control setting, the music is consistant with what the rest of the plan deems hip, and most girls are f-word hags anyway.

It has redeeming social value because its making straight males having to decide… Whats gayer?

Hating queers so much that you avoid where the girls are at so you instead sit around with a bunch of doods and play weii and listen to iono, rappers talking about hating women, or realizing that if you aren’t concerned with what the next person does with themselve then you can go where tons of women are at and half the men are gay. On the flipside, Sweatin makes the typical gay nightclub attender dance to better music, and also lets them know they can be around straight people without being bogged down by being judged.

And I think for the Sweatin folks its just about having all their friends have fun in the same place.

Tonight its Scotty, DJ Carol and SKFO’s CJ providing the music.

  • artful l.a. dodger

    how does this not have any H8erade comments sprayed all over it? i’d think of a good one but i gotta do my hurr.