Punk Zine

The flyer above is for an artshow @ Sporeprint at 172 E. 5th Ave during Gallery Hop on Saturday, June 7th from 6 to 11. Artists showing include Johnny Rattail, Lisa Dorazewski, Andy Plank, Randy Hunter, Stacie Sells, Ben Scarbro, Jimi baby, Nicole Senter, and Angry Andy.

But I am going up there to get a copy of Jimi Payne’s “Punk Zine”. Jimi Payne has been pretty active throwing DIY shows at the Monster House and works at the Wexner bookstore.

His zine is loosely themed around the history of punk in Columbus but also includes interviews with local artists and critical writing dealing with the political economy of independent culture. Features interviews with people like Geoff Hing of Defiance, Ohio, Jimmy Buttons, Phonzie Davis, Matt Reber of New Bomb Turks, and Anne Elizabeth Moore.

I spoke with Jimi about “Punk Zine” at 28 Windows last weekend. He said something to effect that he is a younger cat, and he looks at all these people as the roots of “Punk” in Columbus as we know it. But it was interesting for him to find out that the New Bomb Turks world and the Neil House world didn’t really interact or even like each other.

I haven’t seen the zine. But that insight alone has me heading up to the Sporeprint show to get a copy.

  • The Tired Horse Concedes

    Thank you thank you thank you! This looks great

    you know anything about these guys? saw them in philly last night, drunker than hell, but very cool – apparently theyre creating a bit of a buzz :


  • jimi is tight and he is good at basketball

  • Jen

    I can’t make the Hop this Saturday, but I’d love to see that zine. Any word how I could score a copy?

  • artful l.a. dodger

    me too. wes, grab some for mags, yeah?

  • jimi

    Next Saturday I’m doing a print run of 100 of the final version of it. It will be available at Used Kids, Magnolia, Lost Weekend, Probably the Wexner Store, and some other places. Thanks to everyone who came out last night.

  • jimi is also selling bootleg copies of hot date’s first cd.

  • i found one of those zines at axis on saturday night i really liked it