The Dreadful Yawns and Exit Stencil Records

Cleveland’s Exit Stencil Records are on a bit of a roll lately. I wrote about one of their bands a few weeks ago, Hot Cha Cha, and the label was recently profiled in CMJ. On top of that, the new album (Take Shape) they’ve released by The Dreadful Yawns is something I can’t seem to stop playing. Here’s two songs from it:

MP3: Kill Me Now
MP3: Expecting Rain

  • teresa

    We just did a show a Ravari with them. You should’ve came out.

  • artful l.a. dodger

    nice motherfuck!ng photo.

  • Photo is by the illustrious Frank Miller III.

    And playing with Paper Airplane was an experience that will forever be associated with massive LSD taking… actually, just three nights of incredible rock and roll and good people.

  • ryan

    Welcome back from the tour, eric! I can’t believe your beast van died!

  • yeah. the day after Dayton. it died in cleveland. what are the odds of that?

    it was for the best. now we got leather seats and a/c.

    pretty soon we’ll have riders, private green rooms, and 2 figure guarantees… almost there.

  • I saw DY open up for Sonic Boom in Cleveland. I was impressed.

  • Ken

    The Yawns are Cleveland’s best band…a wonderful mix of Velvet’s drone, Syd’s Floyd freakouts, and seet, so sweet harmonies. Buytheir CD, see this band. Make them stars!!!