Limited Edition Times New Viking T-Shirt

Found this on TCritic. Here’s a Times New Viking t-shirt that you can purchase at Art in the Age Of Mechanical Reproduction.

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  • actionman

    does it get more punk than a $30 t-shirt?

  • beth murphy

    i have a bunch in my apt if any one wants one ….
    for free

    • Durutti

      Doubt that you still have these, but if so, would love one (would certainly pay for the shipping cost). Thanks!

  • Adrian Rew

    I sure do! also, TNV at pitchfork is going to be eXcellent today…

  • t-bone

    i’d love a free one. i mean, i’m willing to pay with my poster-printing skills and oral pleasure.

  • Robert Duffy

    hmm, the latter part of that offer is disturbing.

  • t-bone

    …well, i’m ok with aural pleasure too.

  • Seeing as I missed out at ATP AND The Great Escape, can I take you up on that offer !! Please…

  • (the t-shirt, that was…not the oral pleasure, cheers)