Envelope Is Not A Coward:Pt 1-Sharkbolt Release Party

Photos by DKLINE

Columbus rapper Envelope dropped a cd recently called Sharkbolt. You should buy it. It’s not a very costly entertainment expense. The theme of the album is that as long as you do drugs, or drink you will be able to bond with your friends. 17 dollars should get you a cd, a square meal, and a 40. Does 30 dollars still get you a ten strip these days?

One day Envelope and I went and saw Mick Boogie at Boma. After the show, I left with Thought Set to go to Cashola’s house. Tony went elsewhereee.

On getting back to the Washington Beach area, our party remained in the road because because Thought Set and Cashola were sparking an L on the corner of Medary and ?????. (Even though I don’t smoke weed, I still can’t recall the intersection.) My completely ancient ringtone that has Jim Jones yelling at me to “pick up the phone stupid” screamed on me at about 3:45 am . After answering my phone to quiet the Capo, on other end was an angry Envelope wanting us to come help him fight. Weed makes people peaceful we didn’t make it there. So Envelope came to us.

Envelope shows up with a bloody hand from punching out a car window. He was obviously upset, so Cashola goes inside his home and finds a computer to break in the residential area’s street.

As we smash the computer, a girl walks up from a near-by party. She starts hassling us about making a mess. Cashola says he paid for that computer. She keeps sqawking like we give a fuck. Cashola’s main talking point centers around the idea that his litter is worth more than her outfit.

Iglu kids skate by and ollie the main chunk of the debris and give daps.

Further up some of the annoying-ass girls friends hears us clowning their friend and smashing outdated technology. They can’t see us. We can’t see them. There is a bunch of trees on the corner blocking the view.

Someone yells, “Fuck Y’all Nigga’s” at us from the distance.
Envelope born Tony Collinger isn’t ruined by post-modernism. He grew up in a strong Italian/Irish working class Democrat home. Tony considers Martin Luther King a hero.
So a punishing a white person for using the N-word seems like a noble reason for violence.
Envelope laughs a runs around the corner. I run behind him because I use violence as a tool to prove my loyalty to my friends because I am ruined by various factors.

Thought Set lingers because they are smoking weed and are ruined by post-modernism.

Envelope socks the first man –with the same bloody hand that had broken a car window earlier in the night —in the group of 5 he sees in the jaw. Dood swings back and misses.. I wonder if I am supposed to fight the other 4, but something clicks in the one dood nearest to me’s brain, and he says, “lets leave this with them”
Envelope drops the guy he intiated violence with. He then hovers above landing a 3 piece as the kid crouches on his knees. The guys pants fall down. Envelope calls him a rude word that start with F and rhymes with aggot. He then give the injured man advice to pull his pants up.

The kid says, “Tony is that you?” Envelope then realize him and the kid grew up together, and are friends. They hug it out. I end up hugging some stranger. And then we head to Cashola’s house.

This was a month before Tony’s release party in which he dressed in weird costumes, and made other grown men dress like Sharks & Lightening Bolts to reanact his album cover.

Jeff Fernagel Hosted

Thought Set opened. They rapped really well.
They are the best rappers in Columbus.

Hugs N Kisses played with Slide Machine backing them. The crowd loved it. I could Bonnorrooo really enjoying it.

Envelope, his mom, and others.

  • the truth ruth

    call somebody a nigga and get a beatdown. call somebody a word that starts with the letter f and rhymes with a faggot and be the hero of a bloggg post. envelope should change his name to hypocrite.

  • PBR is for tough men

    Awww, sounds too many boys drank too much cheap beer and forgot to turn off the testosterone faucet. It’s great to be a home-grown douche bag isn’t? Much better than those evil outoftowner douche bags huh?

    “Thought Set lingers because they are smoking weed and are ruined by post-modernism.”…..way to go 4:19 AM desperate stabsinthedark at some sort of irony.

  • jenny

    Envelope is a true hero of Columbus. Go get ’em Tony!!!

  • jorge

    tony rules, that story was kind of badly written, good photos

  • wes flexner

    choose your own adventure.

  • jorge

    no offense wes, by the way

    it was good bad

    i mean, like, baaaad

  • wes flexner

    not offended at all. you’re right.
    it actually suprises me how many strangers that i run into that encourage my negligence.

  • You get a lot of hate over here, Wes. Fuck em all, I like reading your shit.

  • teena

    he gets a lot of love too. perspective son

  • jill ebenezer

    I feel that people are upset because they have never beat anyone up or they have never been beaten up by Tony.

  • toby x

    best post yet. i had been waiting to hear the entirety of that story for a minute.

    lolz @ the casualties of postmodernism.

  • e-N-P

    LOL that was a weird ass description of what happened wes….

    just for clarification, tony tossed dude his khaki shorts, which he picked up off the ground, and said “Put your fucking pants on, you’re embarrassing yourself”

    but yes, weed>beating up whites for saying nigga

  • weswes

    farrakhan to mediate this event and counsel tony

    Nation of Islam leader to make major statement at mosque dedication

    Event to be webcast live (Finalcall. com)

    CHICAGO (Finalcall. com) – The leader of the Nation of Islam has invited an array of religious, political, social, business leaders and international guests from Africa, the Middle East and beyond to attend the October 19th dedication of the movement’s flagship Mosque Maryam in Chicago.

    The dedication follows a major renovation of the historic south side house of worship and school and will include a message that reflects a deeper exegesis of the teachings of the 78-year-old Islamic movement.

    “Many have desired to know and gain a better understanding of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam, and a better understanding of the religion that has captured the attention of the World, the religion of Islam,” said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, in an invitation letter.

    “We have restored Mosque Maryam completely, and we will dedicate it to the universal message of Islam, and the universal aspect of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It represents for the Nation of Islam, a new beginning,” he said.

    The dedication ceremony and a major address by Minister Farrakhan will take place at Mosque Maryam, located at 7351 South Stony Island Avenue, on Sunday, October 19 at 2 p.m. The event will mark another significant development in the history of the Nation of Islam in the city of Chicago, which the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said would be the capital of Islam in the West.

    The event is free and open to the public and will be aired live via webcast at http://www. finalcall. com/Oct19Webcast/.


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