SXSW 2009 Music Registration (for people and bands)

Oh god, do we have to think about this already?! This excites and scares me at once.

Anyway, SXSW has launched the 2009 website. Registration is open for people wanting to attend the festival and applications are being accepted for bands. Click here for complete details.

  • ben

    Chip has the rooms reserved, right?

  • Thanx buddy for the info about SXSW 2009 Music Registration

  • Kudos for the reminder. I’ll get an early discount yet!

  • Mark

    As of September 15th,8 out of the closest 9 hotels to downtown are sold out for SXSW Music,and this is changing every day.This is unprecedented for mid September!!

  • Kris

    Got the free holiday inn room booked weeks ago ;-)

    Now just need to find the 300 quid for the badge :-(

  • Mark

    Have you stayed at the Holiday Inn before Kris?Nice hotel but watch the walk home from 6th Street,its a bit of a bugger! Avoid the short cut through the residential area,its like something from some bloody American gothic horror :)

  • Kris

    Mark – Never been to Austin before but had a look on Google maps for the distance to the convention centre and it didn’t look too bad….. I think some short taxi journeys might be in order though from what you say…and thanks for the warning about the iffy shortcut!

  • Mark

    Noooo Kris,its not that far! I’d say a brisk ten minute walk parallel with the interstate highway from the bottom end of 6th St.I stayed there the first time i crossed the pond for SXSW and i was really impressed with it.Its just that since then i’ve spent extra just to stay right in the thick of the action.
    Your first time you say?You’re going to have the time of your life mate….words cannot describe the SXSW experience!

  • Kris

    I’ve found Russell Brand and Zane Lowe on the registration database.

    I’m going to find them in real life there!

    Very much looking forward to it now…when is it again???….March!? I can’t wait till march… :-(

    Maybe if i stop going to blogs and looking at flight prices I’ll forget about it for a bit to be met with a nice suprise around february when work say “You’re off on hols next month then?”, and I’ll be all like “oh yeah…nice one.”

  • Mark

    If you’ve not got your flight booked Kris..i’d seriously start looking.What i have found in the past is that getting to the States is not a problem during SXSW,but what can be a problem is getting to Austin once you’ve got to America.I obviously don’t mean that all flights to Austin get fully booked this far in advance,but the choice certainly diminishes as time goes on

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