Vile Gash Joins Youth Attack Armee

Angry Andy throat of Vile Gash. Photo by Jimmy Buttons.

On the Youth Attack website they announced that Columbus Hardcore band Vile Gash had joined their roster. Youth Attack has released records by No Age, Charles Bronson, Total Fury, Das Oath and Holy Molar in the past. So it’s a pretty decent label.

This is significant on multiple levels.

The immediate local significance is two members of Vile Gash play in other Columbus bands. B.J. Holesapple is in Necropolis. Christian Weiland is in Deathly Fighter.

U-mad & it fits—>here

  • vile gash possibly could be the best band to have come out of columbus yet!
    trend f.gz fuck off.
    i left there first show thinking….fuck they were amazing!
    its nice to see that the rest of the hardcore community has recognized this!


  • artful l.a. dodger

    wait, is hardcore shitgaze?

  • actionman

    hardcore shitgaze is shitgaze with cumshots

  • tony

    angry andy is the dude


  • Wes Flexner

    martin you know i love you

    judging from the flyer for the wexner/milkbar/sweatin thing next week…
    and thinking about the fact the wexner/sweatin and milkbar are combining efforts..
    everyone in columbus is on the same page whether they know it or not.

    if mark mccoy put out a no age record, and has the smell in vmw’s top myspace friends then i am gonna bet he likes shitgaze, twee-core or whatever you want to call it.

    i know you haven’t read any interviews on shitgaze or could give a shit.but it was a term coined as a joke.
    sorta like ctdg ended up being pbj.
    or how pbj ended up being pbj.
    iglu ended up being iglu.

    i think its the sense of humor and commitment to purity of genre when it comes to making the actual music that columbus makes somewhat inhabitable.

    vile gash is good cause it sounds like hardcore from 1982 bands that i have never heard of but youth attack doods and yourself have..

    vile gash piru game mustah allah.ms13
    the realest thing sense kum bay yah

  • a.a.

    i had nothing to do with this. i dont want any of you around.

  • wesflexner

    it’s true. i did this specifically to irritate him.

  • nah i know… main donewaiting goal is blind “internethate”


  • Robert Duffy

    we will hug it out

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