Columbus Discount Records Announce Singles Club

Local powerhouse label Columbus Discount Records has announced they’re starting a 7 inch singles club. Pretty impressive for a small but growing label (on the national scene). Details:

Columbus Discount Records is proud to announce CDR-SC-Y1! (Columbus Discount Records Singles Club Year One!). We’ve heard that some other grunge label is doing one of these things, but we been working real hard planning this for a long time now, so we ain’t gonna let that stop us. We’re mighty proud of it, and think you’ll probably like it, too.

Without further ado, here’s the roster for CDR-SC-Y1!, in no particular order:

Cheater Slicks
El Jesus De Magico
Little Claw
The Harrisburg Players (A comp of archival recordings from Harrisburg, OH featuring Tommy Jay & co.!)
TV Ghost
Guinea Worms
Pink Reason
Dan Melchior und das Menace
Sandwitch (featuring Ron House of TJSA, Great Plains, Ego Summit infamy!)
Psychedelic Horseshit
The Unholy 2
Mike Rep

Complete details on their website. If this works out, it will further cement their growing national reputation. I have faith…