Yo La Tengo Wins Cleverist Album Title Award for “They Shoot, We Score”

Yo La Tengo are releasing an album that collects all the instrumental music they’ve done for films.

Not sure about the legal definition of “popular demand,” but this might actually apply. At long last, They Shoot, We Score collects all of our music — plus outtakes — for the motion pictures Game 6, Junebug, Old Joy, and Shortbus in one handy-dandy compact disc. Nearly an hour of instrumental music. 27 tracks — 26 of them previously unreleased. Eight-page booklet features posters from around the world. Four different front covers, one for each movie. Don’t collect them all, and don’t ask for a specific one — they will be sent out according to a random-number generator by our blindfolded mail-order crew.

Full details, including ordering info, found here.

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