Kitchen-Motel Footage of Camu

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When the MHZ moved to NY to solidify their friendships with Def Jux and EC, they would come home and tell us stories about living in a shitty apartment. Some of these experiences ended up on some of the Bagface 5 songs. I am assuming this video is of the Kitchen-Motel they stayed in.

“The only difference between the Wayans Brothers and the Smothers Brothers is that the Smothers Brothers are actually funny.”

  • What is the name of that Camu song they played at Skully’s at his memorial show… It’s kind of like a chant and a simple hard ass beat… Detox always plays it.

    Kinda vague, I know. I just want a copy of it BADLY.

  • wes flexner

    hold the floor.
    its produced by dj przm.
    its a song everyone in columbus should download or own.

  • Good lookin’ out Wes. I’m going to track that down.