Miranda Sound’s Final Columbus Show

Last night was magical. The final show for a band that’s been around nine years and made a hell of a lot of friends brings people out. As I was sitting at the merch table, I kept watching the door, saying, “Hey, there’s so-and-so. Hey, there’s what’s-his-name.” It was pretty amazing. I think Billy said about five states were represented, including Rhode Island, Indiana and Florida.

Miranda Sound rocked Ravari Room for a solid two hours. During the first few songs, Billy kicked a full bottle of beer over onto Dan’s pedals, prompting him to say that if Dan got electrocuted, it would serve him right for moving to D.C., which got big (good-natured) cheers from the crowd. They moved right along, through a set that included old and new. The new stuff has never sounded better.

Former drummer Scott Haynes stepped up to one of the two drum kits on stage to play along with Dan Bell during “Cast Anchor Cast” and stayed on for a few more dual-drummer versions of songs and to play a few older ones while Dan stood in the audience, listening to the band the way he used to do before he joined four years ago. “Midas” seemed to be a crowd favorite, the chorus shouted back to the band while they smiled.

At one point, Clint Reno (creator of the hottest selling poster in Columbus last night) climbed up onto the shoulders of Stan from Loretta. I kept waiting for a certain request to be shouted from the crowd at some point and laughed when I finally heard “Hot for Teacher!” from somewhere in the back of the room.

I’d promised everyone that I was going to be a sniveling mess through the whole show, but I got along fine until “My Surname’s an Airplane,” when Billy teared up just a bit thanking the crowd for being so awesome. That’s when the tears came, and it wasn’t just me. I saw some of you wiping your eyes, don’t try to pretend.

When the band finally got to the encore, they ended with “Calculator for Words”, the one whose chorus goes, “This is gonna break us up…”

There are so many things I’m going to miss when it comes to this band. Friday at work I was pretty depressed, thinking that I will never have another day at work spent in anticipation of a Miranda Sound show. I’ll miss closing my eyes through the opening of “Cast Anchor Cast”, and then opening them at that huge crescendo in the middle. I’ll miss seeing Billy and Dan simultaneously going up on the balls of their feet during “Cadence”, which I never noticed until last night and am still not sure whether it’s a conscious move. I’ll miss the ringing in my ears and the sore throat the morning after a show spent too close to the amps, screaming along to the lyrics. Mostly I’ll miss seeing my friends having the best time of their lives on stage.

Thanks for everything guys.

  • patrick

    is that a setlist or a tps report?

  • You lucky bastard! I wish I could have been there. I stumbled onto MS rather late and never got to see them play live; I have to settle for what they recorded–enjoying their WOXY performance now~

    kicking myself,

    e from StL

  • Shawn

    I had never heard of Miranda Sound….I think I ‘d been to see Two Cow Garage earlier in the evening and just kinda wandered in…in time to catch the end of this show.WOW!

    Best Columbus performance since RC MOB shows at Staches!!

    I sure wish they’d do a reunion tour….