Tonight in Columbus: Bodies of Water

I’ve been looking forward to this show for a long time. Bodies of Water is playing Skully’s tonight with Tulsa and Port O’Brien. I’ve had one of the longest weekends ever, with Miranda Sound’s final shows and a bunch of pre-wedding stuff, but I think I’ve got a bit in my tank left for tonight.

Cuz seriously, the new album by Bodies of Water is shaping up to be one of my favorites of the year. I am a sucker for male/female vocal harmonies done right, and Bodies of Water knock it out of the park. I read someone describe their music as prog gospel, and that sort of gives you an idea of what to expect

MP3: Under the Pines by Bodies of Water
Poster: by Nick

  • Oz

    Tulsa and Port O’Brien will steal that show. I just caught POB and BOW in Boston.

  • Oh man! I totally missed it. Skully’s would have been a sweet place to see them at. That Under the pine’s song is quite epic sounding.

  • Robert Duffy

    well you and most of ohio missed the show… there was about 20 people in the audience..

  • I saw the Cleveland show, and it was in my top 3 of the entire year. Definitely a great band, I hope they press their first album on vinyl. There were also only about 15 people at the show, such a shame.