The Evil Queens Last Show Ever, Maybe

Evil Queens frisbees

It’s been a rough summer for Sunken Treasure Records. First, Miranda Sound breaks up and now word comes that The Evil Queens are sorta going on extended hiatus. From the band:

You know how sometimes when you have news to share, there’s this whole part of the conversation that’s like a big buildup? Like you have to precede this one statement by a whole explanation before you drop the bomb? Maybe it’s just me. But anyway, I usually feel like the best way to deliver news is with some sort of back-story. Like a novel, or a decent joke, there’s always some sort of delay to build the tension up before the payoff. I often think about where this convention developed. Did someone somewhere start telling murder stories around the campfire that just went, “I HAVE A HOOK FOR A HAND AND I’M A MURDERER!!!” Then later on, some caveman got to thinking that story really sucked so he started putting that last.

There’s also something to be said for stories that don’t end with the Death Star exploding. Like Lost in Translation. I like that movie because Bill Murray and the chick just kind of go their own ways. It’s not like you know that they’ll never bump into each other again, but if they do, it probably won’t be captured on film. Or how Dennis Hopper says that he doesn’t die in Easy Rider because they don’t show him die, you just see the bike explode in a ball of fire. Yeah, he walked away. Sure, Dennis.

So here’s the payoff.

The Evil Queens end of public performance for the foreseeable future will take place on September 27th at Ruby Tuesday’s with The Flashing Clock and You’re So Bossy. All details here.

We make no promises that this is the breakup to end all breakups, but we also make no promises that there will be any future Evil in your future. If there is, it will likely be a while from now, and under cover of darkness with only blood pact members allowed. There’ll probably be some sort of distribution of wealth – not nearly as many people bought our last record as we think should have, so we’ll probably give it away or something. And we’ve been doing some recording of late, so once I decide to actually lay more vocals down on those, we’ll probably give those away too. It’s a brave new world after all.

In conclusion,

I have a hook for a hand and I’m a murderer.

Jacob, Eric, George and Mike.
The Evil Queens

  • plong

    Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear on this lovely evening. Bummer.

  • Mike S.

    In retrospect, I’m sure everyone agrees that releasing their last album in the highly controversial frisbee disc format was probably not the best decision.