New J-Rawls/Liquid Crystal Project Video

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J-Rawls is back with another installment of his Jazz Group, the Liquid Crystal Project.  If all True School Hip Hoppers were warm, good doods like Rawls then I would be more inclined to not avoid the 4 Elements of Hip Hop concept like it was a syphallus infested meth addict personified. Boomin and Boomin in your jeep. This video takes me back to rocking Knit hats and Polo while listening to Tribes “We Got the Jazz”.

  • This sounds like John Tesh / dental office music with a mild beat…

  • wes flexner

    his son
    adults at a jazz club
    skum throw-up on a house
    so what wednesday flyer
    playing a saxophone on steps
    bazuka throw-up
    dilla tape
    elderly people