Awesome Kid Rock Video

Two Heartland Heartthorbs, Kid Rock & Dale Earnheardt, recently teamed up with the U.S. Military. (You know the same people that brought us the IRAQI War and Vietnam) For this hot new vid.  I caught this cool, hip, new clip while watching Kit Kitteridge with my little brother and a bunch of other children during a matinee showing at Carriage Place Movies 12.

If you love this bad boy then you will love the Obessession, an anti-Muslim film that was distributed in most major American newspapers.

YouTube Preview Image

[Godbless America and Rap-Rock.]

  • tonyloap
  • tonyloap

    damn, it doesn’t let you put vids in the comment

  • a few people on my team at work got obsession in the mail, the obvi though i would want to see it.
    shawn and watched it, and it wasn’t as good (offensive) as i wanted.


  • that video is prob the best thing ive seen all day.

  • Wes Flexner

    so i should skip obsessions? i felt snubbed by it not being sent to my home, NEway.

  • dokken1

    If you thought this video was good, then Dream Theater just got a new trailer on their website that is awesome.