Devo for Obama in Akron

Akron’s own DEVO will appear on the Civic Theatre stage. This performance is a benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 7th, at 11:00 a.m.

Full details here.

  • Wes Holley

    These spud boys know what they’re talking about. A vote for McCain is 4 more years of that “retarded cowboy” Bush!

    Go Obama!


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  • jimi

    If Devo is for de-evolving should we be trusting their judgment when it comes to political candidates? Shouldn’t Devo come out for MKKKAIN?

  • Wes Flexner
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  • Wes Holley

    They’re not for de-evolution. They just tell it like it is. As far as I know they all have children so why would they not want what’s best for this country’s future?

    Duty Now!


  • Dehydrated Spud

    I have now lost respect for Devo. I have been following Devo since they wore garbage bags in the 1970’s… back when alot of you were just an itch in your dad’s pants. What was their logic in supporting this demo-socialist “Puppet Boy”? “FREEDOM OF CHOICE is what you want, freedom from choice is what you’ll get”. Do you really think anyone in his campaign likes Devo or listens to them?….. NO… get real! Where was Devo when we were trying to get ‘Internet Man’ or ‘Captain Ketchup’ elected? Devo….quit being politically-correct! I’m ‘through being cool’…so should you all! I’m a ‘devo-crat’ that likes gun-tot’in Palin! I “like explosions” !She’s the ‘girl I want’!