3CB Does Rocktober CSBYS Calender

3CB finally did a CSBYS calender. I can only over expose the Columbus DIY community once every three months without my friends validly accuse me of pandering them to hipsters.  But you can find more on Columbus DIY events on the Columbus Sucks Because You Suck Message Board.oops.

(3CB is partially Jewish and Pro-Isreal so this flyer isn’t anti-Semetic.)

  • i guess i count as being the jewish part of 3CB?

  • Wes Flexner

    don’t believe everything the media tells you.

  • jill ebenezer

    Next campaign: 3CB says VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN
    I’ve got 4 votes under my belt.

  • the full flyer is available at used kids and most d.i.y venus.

    two type writers broke during the construction of this poster…..all in all it turned out decent.

    go bucks.