Breaking: Benco Presents and Milo Arts Part Ways

Ben Hamilton, owner of Columbus concert promoting agency Benco Presents, has split ways with Milo Arts. As you may remember, Ben has recently started booking some really great shows there, including Silver Jews, Pinback, Damien Jurardo, among others. It also generated a lot of positive press from the local media, considering there has been a gaping hole that needed to filled in regards to music venues that can fit around 300-500 people.

Things started to look strange when Saturday’s show with The Dodos was moved to The Summit just a few hours before start time.

Ben is moving all the Milo shows to other venues he works with, so hopefully his upcoming calendar doesn’t take too much of a hit.

The first event being moved is Mirah on Friday. It’ll now be an early event, doors at 6, music at 7 at Skully’s. We’re gonna give away a pair of tickets to that show to cheer up the mood. Send a blank e-mail to with the subject MIRAH.

  • wirr

    Where is the Mirah show being moved to?

  • Robert Duffy

    ooopst.. will fix. skullys.

  • wirr


  • teena

    nothing last forever…
    except cold november raiiiinnnnnn..

    so what’s the real story here??