Sweatin Halloween Cover Show/Rave Friday

The lines between Columbus Hardcore and a New Rave blurr even further. At least the girls are wearing tight pants and not stupid-ass JNCO’s.

Sweatin is throwing a cover show with a dance party afterwerdz. .
Doods from Reflect and Black Dove are covering Negative Approach. Three Triceratops trapstars team-up with Mikey from Absoulute Magnitude to do Minor Threat.(No word if Franz is going to sing Guilty of Being White,.) T-Tops is also doing a Cro-Mags tribute. Sweatin promoter Scotty and one of the Beta Movement cyberweirdos are on their Daft Punk shit. A few other bands are up in the air. Rumors of Black Flag, Misfits, and BLack Sabbath.

  • m.

    i missed that opening line when i read this, this morning.
    cards well played.


  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    Did “Rave Advocate Jawny Cashola” be spin at this?

  • weswes

    rofl..yes he is on the list of staunch rave supporters in columbus. its replacing the cocaine list of 2002.