Last Night’s Smashing Pumpkins Show in Columbus Sounds Weak

Titled “A Special Acoustic Halloween Performance,” last night’s Smashing Pumpkins show in Columbus sold out in like 2 days. But judging from what people are saying in our message board, this $40 a ticket show sucked hard:

Man, did that pumpkins show really fucking suck.
It could have been epic.
Instead, billy hit me across the face with his dick.
thanks billy. for nothing.


the first hour was acoustic (though all the guitars were distorted) and featured covers such as “monster mash”, “wipeout” and “hang on sloopy”. there were no pumpkins songs. it was amusing for a couple songs, but wore thin when the band seemed to not really know how to play said tunes.

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(PS: Seattle is lovely and says hello.)

  • It was the best concert ive ever seen, after they put away the acoustics and came out in all black the place went nuts. The whole shitty acoustic thing was a joke, it was poking fun at the fact corgan is displayed as a dictatorial band leader. Seriously best show ever.

  • Garth

    There were NO acoustic pumpkins songs? Talk about your false advertising. Fuck the lame ass Smashing Pumpkins.

    They are one of the worst live bands ever. Billy can’t sing a note to save his life. Jerking fans around lately seems to be the only thing he does well.

  • Jarod T Bone

    the acoustic thing was a joke? Um I don’t think so.

    If it was it was an unfunny joke that lasted an hour.

    Fucking lame ass show. and I’m a pretty big pumpkins fan.

  • CMF

    The show was ok. It was classic Corgan though. He loves to do things his way – ie, play the songs he wants, rather than what the casual radio listener would like. Ergo we got the show that we got.

  • michelle

    are you serious??? It was a halloween show, they were all dressed up and having fun. Dont you know how lucky u were to be a part of that??? I guess you dont. The casual radio listener show??? Those fans dont belong to a SP show!!

    They did 3hrs, one hour of fun songs dressed up for halloween. Screaming, throwing guitars one acoustic set and one electric set. It was a kick ass Halloween show!

    Acoustic set
    2. Louie Louie
    3. Hang on Sloopy
    4. Monster Mash
    5. Wipeout
    6. Gingger’s Raga
    7. The Gambler
    8. Lizard Blues
    9. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
    10. Gingger’s Rage Return
    Electric Set
    12. Tarantula
    13. G.L.O.W.
    14. Siva
    15. Speed Kills
    16. Superchrist
    17. As Rome Burns
    18. Sounds of Silence
    19. A Song for a Son
    20. Today
    21. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
    22. Heavy Metal Machine
    23. Glass’ Theme
    24. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

  • Billydeewhitehall

    The show was bad. If you reallt step back and view it without the Billy-jaded glasses, you’d see it was lame, too bad, they once were a good band, those days are long gone.