Hugs N Kisses Write Both Mkkkain and Obama’s Theme Songs

I just spent twenty minutes looking for an online flyer for Hugs N Kisses “Black Tuesday” Show. Eventually I gave up looking for something that is used for a promotional tool and set the flyer on the floor and took a picture of it on my cellphone. Anyway Hugs N Kisses are throwing an pro-government party at Carabar. Here are two songs they just dropped off to celebrate our countries’ political system. Should be funny. Last time I saw Hugs N Kisses, Donnie Monaco shit in a fishtank and yelled shitgaze.

MP3:Hugs N Kisses-Jawn Mkkkain’s Theme Musick

MP3:Hugs N Kisses-Barack Obama’s Theme Music

  • Artoo

    links are broken :(